Floaroma Town

Floaroma Town is located north of Jubilife City and south of Eterna Forest. The first time you go there Team Galactic will be at the Valley Windworks trying to steal their power. North is Fuego Ironworks where you can get a few items later in the game with Surf.


First Visit
Cherri Berri
Oran Berry
TM88 Pluck
After Visiting Valley Windworks
Works Key
Honey x10
After Winning at Pastoria Gym
Leaf Stone
Ultra Ball
Miracle Seed
Rare Candy
  • Pokémon Platinum only; values will differ in Diamond/Pearl

Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop

One of the attractions in Floaroma Town is the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop. Here you can trade berries for accessories to be used at Jubilife TV and in Pokémon Super Contests.

Accessories That Can be Traded For Berries*
Accessory Berries Required
Red Flower Cheri Berry x1
Pink Flower Chesto Berry x1
White Flower Pecha Berry x1
Blue Flower Oran Berry x1
Orange Flower Rawst Berry x1
Yellow Flower Aspear Berry x1
Googly Specs Leppa Berry x1
Black Specs Persim Berry x1
Gorgeous Specs Razz Berry x10
Sweet Candy Bluk Berry x10
Confetti Nanab Berry x10
Colored Parasol Wepear Berry x10
Old Umbrella Pinap Berry x10
Spotlight Cornn Berry x50
Cape Pamtre Berry x100
Standing Mike Magost Berry x50
Surfboard Watmel Berry x100
Carpet Rabuta Berry x50
Retro Pipe Nomel Berry x50
Fluffy Bed Durin Berry x100
Mirror Ball Spelon Berry x100
Photo Board Belue Berry x100

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