Fortree City

Fortree City
The people and the Pokémon of this city follow nature's cues to rise each morning and end each day.
Route 119 Fortree City Route 120

Fortree City is a small town in the Hoenn Region in which the resident's homes are carved out of the local trees. The Fortree City Pokémon Gym is the sixth gym in Generation III, however the route to get there is blocked by an invisible obstruction.

This obstruction can be passed by continuing onward to Route 120. Talk to Steven to get the Devon Scope, an item that can allow the user to see and challenge Pokémon in the overworld that are hiding but blocking the way. Especially designed for the Color Change Pokémon, Kecleon.


Fortree City Gym

The Fortree City Pokémon Gym's setup includes trainers and a puzzle where trainers have to pick the correct method of pushing a variety of rotating walls to reach the gym leader. The Gym Leader, Winona, specializes in using Flying-Type Pokémon.

Desk and Chair Shop

Secret Base Guild

Poké Mart



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