Fossil Pokémon

Fossil Pokémon are ancient Pokémon that were once thought to be extinct. Thanks to the help of the Devon Corporation and the Research Lab on Cinnabar Island reviving these Pokémon has become a reality. Each Fossil Pokémon has been part-Rock type and two or more have been found in each generation except Generation II, when no new fossils were introduced. Fossil Pokémon are considered very rare, and not many trainers have them.


Generation I

In Generation I the first three Pokémon fossils were introduced. They were:

These fossils can be revived by taking them to the scientist located in a building on Cinnabar Island.

Generation II

No new fossil Pokémon were introduced in this generation of games. Although, the three fossil Pokémon from Generation I are featured as puzzles in the Ruins of Alph.

Generation III

Generation III introduced two new fossils. They were:

These fossils can be revived in the Devon Corporation building in Rustboro City. Another Pokémon that is considered to be a fossil is Relicanth. But since Relicanth have managed to survive extinction for millions of years they are consider living fossils.

Generation IV

In Generation IV of the games, two more Fossil Pokémon were added. They were:

Fossils here can be brought back to life in the Oreburgh Mining Museum in Oreburgh City. The museum has a collection of fossils and are proud to bring back extinct Pokémon to life. Most of the fossils can be found while traveling underground. Once you obtain the National Dex, every fossil from each generation can be digged up.

Generation V

Generation V introduced two new Fossil Pokémon as well. The newest fossils are:

Fossils found in this generation can be revived at the museum in Nacrene City. After the National Pokédex has been obtained, fossils from past generations can be obtained from an individual within Twist Mountain. He gives away one fossil at random per day, requiring multiple trips to get them all. Both of these fossils can be found at Relic Castle. However, you can only choose one of the two and would have to trade to get the other Pokémon.

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