The Garchompite (ガブリアスナイト) a Mega Stone used to evolve Garchomp into its Mega Counterpart, Mega Garchomp. It can be obtained post-game between 8 p.m and 9 p.m. once Professor Sycamore has upgraded the player's Mega Ring.

Garchompite is found on Victory Road in front of the tower behind the Hex Maniac. The tower is behind a wall that needs to be destroyed by Rock Smash. The Mega Stone is available in both Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

Via Events

Garchompite is held by Korean World Championships Qualifier Garchomp.

Flavor Text One variety of the mysterious Mega Stones. Have Garchomp hold it, and this stone will enable it to Mega Evolve during battle.

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