Gym Compendium (Ruby/Sapphire)



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Rustboro Gym

Location: Rustboro City

Badge: Stone Badge

Leader: Roxanne

Type: Rock


Youngster Josh:

Geodude Level 10
Geodude Level 8
Geodude Level 6

Youngster Tommy

Geodude Level 11

Gym Leader


Geodude Level 14
Nosepass Level 15

TM given: TM39; Rock Tomb

Dewford Gym

Location: Dewford Town

Badge: Knuckle Badge

Leader: Brawley

Type: Fighting


Battle Girl Laura

Meditite Level 14

Black Belt Hideki

Machop Level 14

Battle Girl Tessa

Meditite Level 12
Meditite Level 12
Machop Level 12

Gym Leader


Machop Level 17
Makuhita Level 18

TM given: TM08; Bulk Up

Mauville Gym

Location: Mauville City

Badge: Dynamo Badge

Leader: Wattson

Type: Electric


Guitarist Kirk

Electrike Level 18
Magnemite Level 18

Youngster Ben

Zigzagoon Level 19

Guitarist Shawn

Voltorb Level 17
Voltorb Level 17
Voltorb Level 17

Battle Girl Vivian

Meditite Level 19

Gym Leader


Magnemite Level 22
Voltorb Level 20
Magneton Level 23

TM given: TM34; Shock Wave

Lavaridge Gym

Location: Lavaridge Town

Badge: Heat Badge

Leader: Flannery

Type: Fire


Kindler Cole

Slugma Level 22
Slugma Level 22
Numel Level 22

Cool Trainer Zane

Kecleon Level 24

Kindler Axle

Numel Level 23
Slugma Level 23

Battle Girl Sadie

Meditite Level 24

Kindler Andy

Numel Level 23
Slugma Level 23

Gym Leader


Slugma Level 26
Slugma Level 26
Torkoal Level 28

TM given: TM50 Overheat

Petalburg Gym

Location: Petalburg City

Badge: Balance Badge

Leader: Norman

Type: Normal


Cool Trainer Randall

Delcatty Level 27

Cool Trainer Mary

Delcatty Level 27

Cool Trainer Parker

Linoone Level 27

Cool Trainer Lori

Linoone Level 27

Cool Trainer George

Linoone Level 27

Cool Trainer Jody

Zangoose Level 27

Cool Trainer Berke

Zangoose Level 27

Gym Leader


Slaking Level 28
Vigoroth Level 30
Slaking Level 31

TM given: TM42; Facade

Fortree Gym

Location: Fortree City

Badge: Feather Badge

Leader: Winona

Type: Flying


Birdkeeper Jared

Doduo Level 30

Picknicker Kylee

Swablu Level 30

Camper Terrell

Taillow Level 29
Swellow Level 29

Birdkeeper Will

Wingull Level 28
Swellow Level 28
Pelipper Level 28

Gym Leader


Swellow Level 31
Pelipper Level 30
Skarmory Level 32
Altaria Level 33

TM given: TM40; Aerial Ace

Mossdeep Gym

Location: Mossdeep City

Badge: Mind Badge

Leader: Tate and Liza

Type: Psychic


Psychic Preston

Kirlia Level 37

Psychic Maura

Kadabra Level 36
Kirlia Level 36

Psychic Samantha

Xatu Level 37

Psychic Fritz

Natu Level 35
Girafarig Level 35
Kadabra Level 35

Psychic Virgil

Ralts Level 36
Kadabra Level 36

Gym Leader

Tate and Liza

Lunatone Level 42
Solrock Level 42

TM given: TM04; Calm Mind

Sootopolis Gym

Location: Sootopolis City

Badge: Rain Badge

Leader: Wallace

Type: Water


To come

Gym Leader

Wallace To come

TM given:

Elite Four



Type: Dark


Mightyena - lv. 46

Sand attack, crunch, swagger, take down

Shiftry - lv.48

Fake out, Double Team, extrasensory, swagger

Absol - lv. 49 (holding Sitrus berry)

Swords Dance, Slash, Aerial ace, Snatch

Sharpedo - lv. 48

Surf, Swagger, Crunch, Slash

Cacturne - lv. 46

Cotton Spore, Needle arm, Leech Seed, Faint Attack


Type: Ghost


Dusclops - lv. 48

Curse, Shadow Punch, Confuse Ray, Future Sight

Bannete - lv. 49

Shadow ball, spite, faint attack, will-o-wisp

Sableye - lv. 50

Attract, Shadow ball, Faint attack, Psychic

Bannete - lv. 49

Psychic, Toxic, Shadow ball, Skill Swap

Dusclops - lv. 51 (holding Sitrus Berry)

Ice Beam, Earthquake, confuse ray, shadow ball


Type: Ice


Glalie - lv. 50

Hail, crunch, ice beam, light screen

Sealeo - lv. 50

Surf, Hail, Ice Beam, Body Slam

Walrein - lv. 53(Holding Sitrus berry)

Surf, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Body Slam

Glalie - lv. 52

Hail, ice beam, shadow ball, crunch

Sealeo - lv. 52

Blizzard, Attract, Hail, Dive


Type: Dragon


Shelgon - lv. 52

Rock Tomb, Protect, Dragon Claw, Crunch

Flygon - lv. 53

Sandstorm, dragonbreath, dig, fly

Flygon - lv. 53

Crunch, Sand attack, Dragonbreath, flamethrower

Altaria - lv. 54

Dragon Dance, Take down, Dragonbreath, refresh

Salamence - lv. 55(Holding Sitrus Berry)

Dragon Claw, Fly, Flamethrower, Crunch

Champion Steven

Type: Steel

Full Restores- 8


Skarmory - lv. 57

Toxic, steel wing, aerial ace, spikes

Aggron - lv. 56

Solarbeam, thunder, earthquake, dragon claw

Metagross - lv. 58(holding sitrus berry)

Meteor mash, earthquake, psychic, hyper beam

Armaldo - lv. 56

Slash, Ancienpower, water pulse, Aerial ace

Claydol - lv. 55

Light screen, earthquake, reflect, psychic

Cradily - lv. 56

Giga drain, sludge bomb, confuse ray, ancientpower

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