Gym Leader

A Gym Leader is the highest ranked Pokémon Trainer within a Pokémon Gym. The prominent role of a Gym Leader is to test the challenging trainer to see if they are worthy or not of going up against the Elite Four (named Pokémon League in the animé). If a challenger beats the Gym Leader of a Gym, they are awarded a Badge as proof of them winning. Once the trainer has earned all 8 Badges in that region, they may then go on to challenge the Elite 4.

However, a Gym Leader is also responsible for the maintenance and the upkeep of the gym they lead. this is a rather hard job as each gym is tailored to represent the leaders specified type, and provide the best environment to train, battle and keep their POkemon in. (Eg. A water type gym will typically be have pools of water, or be water based with it's appearance). Another role a Gym Leader teachers new trainers how to battle, something which both Morty and Roxanne have said. Within the games the trainers must over come several obstacles in order to reach the gym leader, often causing them to battle trainers in the gym. Apart from leading the gym, gym leaders typically do something outside battling, often something to do with a towns speciality or tourist attraction. It's not uncommon for Gym Leaders to leave their Gym without notice (Something which Blue, Giovanni, Jasmine, Wallace and Volkner have shown to do), some have even left to challenge other Gym Leaders and/or challenge the Elite Four.

It is still unclear how a Gym Leader attains their position as Leader of their Gym, however it seems to vary from Gym to Gym, some attain it through blood line, some are self appointed, some are the founders of the gym, and some are chosen by other members of the Gym in question. It's even been shown that the trainers send out their Pokemon and let them fight without giving them orders, this has only happened in the Manga however.


Kanto Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Name Location Type Badge

BrockSprite.png Brock Pewter City Rock.gif Boulder Badge.png
MistySprite.png Misty Cerulean City Water.gif Cascade Badge.png
Lt SurgeSprite.png Lt. Surge Vermillion City Electric.gif Thunder Badge.png
ErikaSprite.png Erika Celadon City Grass.gif Rainbow Badge.png
KogaSprite.png Koga Fuchsia City Poison.gif Soul Badge.png
JanineSprite.png Janine Fuchsia City Poison.gif Soul Badge.png
SabrinaSprite.png Sabrina Saffron City Psychic.gif Marsh Badge.png
BlaineSprite.png Blaine Cinnabar Island Fire.gif Volcano Badge.png
GiovanniSprite.png Giovanni Viridian City Ground.gif Earth Badge.png
BlueSprite.png Blue Viridian City Misc.png Earth Badge.png

Johto Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Name Location Type Badge

FalknerMug.png Falkner Violet City Flying.gif ZephyrBadge.png
BugsyMug.png Bugsy Azalea Town Bug.gif HiveBadge.png
WhitneyMug.png Whitney Goldenrod City Normal.gif PlainBadge.png
MortyMug.png Morty Ecruteak City Ghost.gif FogBadge.png
ChuckMug.png Chuck Cianwood City Fighting.gif StormBadge.png
JasmineMug.png Jasmine Olivine City Steel.gif MineralBadge.png
PryceMug.png Pryce Mahogany Town Ice.gif GlacierBadge.png
ClairMug.png Clair Blackthorn City Dragon.gif RisingBadge.png

Hoenn Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Name Location Type Badge

Roxanne.png Roxanne Rustboro City Rock.gif StoneBadge.png
Brawly.png Brawly Dewford Town Fighting.gif KnuckleBadge.png
Wattson.png Wattson Mauville City Electric.gif DynamoBadge.png
Flannery.png Flannery Lavaridge Town Fire.gif HeatBadge.png
Norman.png Norman Petalburg City Normal.gif BalanceBadge.png
Winona.png Winona Fortree City Flying.gif FeatherBadge.png
TateLiza.png Tate and Liza Mossdeep City Psychic.gif MindBadge.png
WallaceGym.png Wallace Sootopolis City Water.gif RainBadge.png
JuanSprite.png Juan Sootopolis City Water.gif RainBadge.png

Sinnoh Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Name Location Type Badge

RoarkMug.png Roark Oreburgh City Rock.gif CoalBadge.png
GardeniaMug.png Gardenia Eterna City Grass.gif ForestBadge.png
MayleneMug.png Maylene Veilstone City Fighting.gif CobbleBadge.png
WakeMug.png Crasher Wake Pastoria City Water.gif FenBadge.png
FantinaMug.png Fantina Hearthome City Ghost.gif RelicBadge.png
ByronMug.png Byron Canalave City Steel.gif MineBadge.png
CandiceMug.png Candice Snowpoint City Ice.gif IcicleBadge.png
VolknerMug.png Volkner Sunyshore City Electric.gif BeaconBadge.png

Unova Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Name Location Type Badge

CilanMug.png Cilan Striaton City Grass.gif Trio Badge.png
ChiliMug.png Chili Striaton Fire.gif Trio Badge.png
CressMug.png Cress Striaton City Water.gif Trio Badge.png
LenoraMug.png Lenora Nacrene City Normal.gif Basic Badge.png
BurghMug.png Burgh Castelia City Bug.gif Insect Badge.png
ElesaMug.png Elesa Nimbasa City Electric.gif Bolt Badge.png
ClayMug.png Clay Driftveil City Ground.gif Quake Badge.png
SkylaMug.png Skyla Mistralton City Flying.gif Jet Badge.png
BrycenMug.png Brycen Icirrus City Ice.gif Freeze Badge.png
DraydenMug.png Drayden Opelucid City Dragon.gif Legend Badge.png
IrisMug.png Iris Opelucid City Dragon.gif Legend Badge.png
RoxieMug.png Roxie Virbank City Poison.gif Toxic Badge.png
MarlonMug.png Marlon Humilau City Water.gif Wave Badge.png

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