Help:Dungeon Pages

Below are the different layouts that should be on all Dungeon pages (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon).

[edit] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 1

Coming soon.

[edit] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2

  • Remember the following things:
    • The Template:Dungeonmid template can be copy-pasted as many times as needed inbetween the two Template:Dungeonstart and Template:Dungeonend templates.
      • In addition, the extension on the image in the dungeonmid template is not required. If it is put the template may not work.
      • The image is the small icon of the said Pokémon, if one exists. Leave blank otherwise.
    • In the infobox, difficulty is the avarage difficulty found in missions for the said dungeon.
      • If you do not know the difficulty or the dungeon cannot be revisted (in the future, side paths, etc) and so the difficulty is not known, leave it blank and someone will fill it in for you (it can be viewed via hacking, Spacial Cliffs is *2 for example).
    • Also in the infobox, money is money allowed (Zero isle puts it at 0 so for Zero isle put it "0" otherwise "Allowed"), items is number of items allowed ("all" or "48" is for dungeons that don't handicap you), level is starting level when entering (ZIS is 0).
    • Put N/A for the boss if there is none.
    • Dungeon2Links should be at the bottom of the page, don't bump it up.
    • A trivia can be places underneath the "Pokémon Found Section" in H2 size.
  • Copy paste the below and fill in the sections. If you do not know something, leave it blank, do not try to fill it in with something else.
[[Category:Dungeons]][[Category:Dungeons (PMD2)]]__NOTOC__{{Dungeon2Infobox
Dungeon description.

== Pokémon Found ==
{{Dungeonmid|Image=Image name|Pokemon=Pokémon name|Floors=floors found|Levels=Levels|Rate=Recruit Rate%}}
{{Dungeonmid|Image= |Pokemon= |Floors= |Levels= |Rate= }}


[edit] Sound Sample

If you want to provide a sample of sound of the dungeon for the viewer to listen to, upload it to a site that has a direct link to it, or somewhere like youtube. Try to keep them as "samples" and so no longer than 30 seconds, unless it is on YouTube. Then just put the URL to the sound in the "sample" section of the infobox.