Hidden Land

The Hidden Land is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky. It is also the Island where the Temporal Tower and the Rainbow Stoneship are located. Hidden Land has 15 Floors and a restpoint. After that comes the Hidden Highland with 8 Floors.


[edit] Unlockable Criteria

To access Hidden Land, you must first clear Brine Cave and meet Lapras. Hidden Land can be revisited by speaking to the Lapras at the shoreline after completing this dungeon.

[edit] Floors

The dungeon has a total of 15 Floors divided up into two parts, a 15 Floor first section and an eight floor internal section.

[edit] Pokémon Found in the Dungeon

All Pokémon can be found on floors 1-15 and I1F-I8F. None of the Pokémon found in this Dungeon can be recruited.

[edit] Boss Pokémon

[edit] Dungeons Unlocked

Unlock Temporal Tower by activating the Rainbow Stoneship at the Ancient Ruins of the Hidden Land Dungeon.

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