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With Gen VI, the tedious task of EV training became much more streamlined by the introduction of Super Training, a simpler method of EV training since it allows trainers to control their Pokémon's growth in a mini game. However, EV training is made even easier through hordes; when done properly, the horde method can fully EV train a Pokémon in as little as 10-15 minutes.

IVs and EVs

Before we go anywhere, what exactly are IVs and EVs? And what's the difference? Hopefully the following descriptions make it clear.

415 Mini Sprite.png IVs - IVs, or Individual Values, are like a Pokémon's genetics; these are hidden values for each stat that a Pokémon inherits/is born with, and they cannot be changed. Each stat can have an IV of 0-31 with 31 being the highest value and ideal, since the higher the IV, the greater the stat will be as a Pokémon grows. Pokémon can be bred to have ideal IV spreads, which is covered more in-depth in this guide.

415 Mini Sprite.png EVs - EVs, or Effort Values, are hidden values which also affect stat growth, but instead of being inherited, a Pokémon obtains these values through training. Each Pokémon has a specific EV yield which can be obtained by defeating them, and the EV a Pokémon gives generally correlates to its strongest stat; for example, defeating a Wingull will yield 1 Speed EV. For every 4 EVs a Pokémon gains in a single stat, that stat will be increased by one.

Since the total EVs a single Pokémon can have is 508, with no more than 252 EVs in a single stat, most trainers choose to maximize a Pokémon's potential by maximizing the EVs in the two or more stats that a Pokémon will benefit most from; for example, the attack and speed for Garchomp would each be maximized to 252, with the remaining 4 EVs being given to something like Defense.


Horde EV training is quite simple, but there are some items/Pokémon you need before setting off.

415 Mini Sprite.png Power Items: Having your Pokémon hold a power item during training will give your Pokémon +4 EVs at the end of every battle (corresponding to whatever stat the item is meant to boost) in addition to the base EV yield of the Pokémon.

Bag Power Weight Sprite.png Power Weight: +4 HP EVs
Bag Power Bracer Sprite.png Power Bracer: +4 Atk EVs
Bag Power Belt Sprite.png Power Belt: +4 Def EVs
Bag Power Lens Sprite.png Power Lens: +4 Sp.Atk EVs
Bag Power Band Sprite.png Power Band: +4 Sp.Def EVs
Bag Power Anklet Sprite.png Power Anklet: +4 Speed EVs

415 Mini Sprite.png A Pokémon with Pokérus

Pokérus is a rare virus that randomly infects Pokémon in the wild. Once a Pokémon has it, it can spread the virus to other party Pokémon directly adjacent to it in battle. A Pokémon infected with Pokérus gains double the EVs through battle.

NOTE: If an infected Pokémon is left in the party overnight, it will become cured and no longer able to spread the virus. However it will still experience the double EV gain. To prevent a Pokémon from becoming cured, keep it stored in the PC.

415 Mini Sprite.pngA Pokémon with Sweet Scent or Honey

The move Sweet Scent or the item Honey can be used to automatically trigger a horde attack. Unfortunately, neither of them work if it is raining on the route you are training in. If it is raining, try doing a few battles or changing the time on your 3DS, this may help to clear up the rain.

415 Mini Sprite.png Experience Share The experience share is received at the beginning of your journey, and when active, the Pokémon in training will still receive EVs along with experience points even if it does not physically participate in battle.

The Math

Here's a breakdown of how many EVs you will be getting and how you will get them.
415 Mini Sprite.png Base EVs - 1 or 2 EVs per Pokémon (depending on the Pokémon)
415 Mini Sprite.png Power Item - +4 EVs in the corresponding stat per horde Pokémon
415 Mini Sprite.png Horde - Multiply Base EVs + Power EVs x 5 since there are 5 Pokémon in a horde
415 Mini Sprite.png Pokérus - double the total EVs gained

Horde with Pokémon w/EV yield of 1: [(1+4)x5] x2 = 50 total
Horde with Pokémon w/EV yield of 2: [(2+4)x5] x2 = 60 total

For Pokémon that yield 1 EV, you only have to defeat 5 hordes to get to 250 EVs, so I find it actually easier to use those hordes than the 2 EV Pokémon.

The Process

Now that we've got down the basics and the equipment, it's time to start EV training! Simply follow these steps to EV train your Pokémon in no time!

NOTE: These steps assume hordes of 1 EV yield per Pokémon and that you are training for 252 in a stat. If you are doing more customized EV spreads, you may have to work out a little math for that.

415 Mini Sprite.png Step 1: Infect your Pokémon with Pokérus (make sure EXP share is turned off for this step or it will gain EVs). Simply have your Pokémon adjacent to an already infected Pokémon, defeat a few Pokémon, and it should be infected within a few battles.
415 Mini Sprite.png Step 2: Give your infected Pokémon the corresponding Power Item for the stat you want to train and turn on the EXP share.
415 Mini Sprite.png Step 3: Use Sweet Scent or Honey and trigger a horde. If it is the correct horde, defeat it and repeat this process four more times.
415 Mini Sprite.png Step 4: Remove the power item, and defeat one more Pokémon for 2 EVs; your Pokémon will now have exactly 252 EVs in the stat trained.

Horde Locations

Here is a list of convenient horde training spots; it is not comprehensive, but aims to provide the best spots for training.

415 Mini Sprite.png HP
293 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Rusturf Tunnel | +1 EVs
316 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 5 | +1 EVs
590 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 20/Pokémon Village | +1 EVs

415 Mini Sprite.png Attack
353 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Mt. Pyre | +1 EVs
069 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 14 | +1 EVs
023 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 14 | +1 EVs

415 Mini Sprite.png Defense
027 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Route 111 | +1 EVs
299 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 10 | +1 EVs
074 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 18 | +1 EVs
632 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 18 | +2 EVs

415 Mini Sprite.png Special Attack
043 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Route 119 | +1 EVs
327 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Route 113 | +1 EVs
582 Mini Sprite.png XY | Frost Cavern | +1 EVs
238 Mini Sprite.png XY | Frost Cavern | +1 EVs

415 Mini Sprite.png Special Defense
333 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Route 115 | +1 EVs
187 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 7| +1 EVs

415 Mini Sprite.png Speed
263 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Route 104 | +1 EVs
276 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Route 104 (South) | +1 EVs
278 Mini Sprite.png ORAS | Route 104 (North) | +1 EVs
276 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 8 | +1 EVs
278 Mini Sprite.png XY | Route 8 | +1 EVs

With Thanks

415 Mini Sprite.png Written by Saku, who also created the banner as the guide's header
415 Mini Sprite.png Ported by Lesley Pro_04
415 Mini Sprite.png Special Thanks to Symphonic Abyss for assistance with proofreading

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