Important Events

Important Events

New Bark Town

---Choose a starting Pokemon from Professor Elm's lab
Cherrygrove City
---Pick up the town map from the old man.
Route 30
---Get the Mystery Egg from Mr. Pokemon.
---Recieve the Pokedex from Professor Oak.
Cherrygrove City
---Fight the first duel with Rival.
New Bark Town
---Take the Mystery Egg to Professor Elm's lab.
---Recieve your first Poke Balls.
Violet City
---Defeat Gym Leader Falkner, and recieve the Zephyr Badge and TM31.
---Pick up the Mystery Egg from Professor Elm's assistant in the Pokemon Center.
Sprout Tower
---Get HM05 from the Elder.
Route 32
---Get the Old Rod at the Pokemon Center.
Ruins of Alph
---Catch three different Unown to earn the Unown Pokedex.
Azalea Town
---Help Kurt save the Slowpokes.
---Recieve the Lure Ball from Kurt.
---Defeat Gym Leader Bugsy to get the Hive Badge and TM49.
---Fight the second battle with Rival.
Ilex Forest
---Chase Farfetch'd and return it to the Charcoal Maker to get HM01.
---Get TM02 from the person in the middle of the forest.
Goldenrod City
---Pick up bike at the Bike Shop.
---Recieve a Radio Card at the Radio Station.
---Get the Coin Case in the Underground Path.
---Defeat Gym Leader Whitney to get the Plain Badge and TM45.
---Pick up the item Squirtbottle in the woman's house.
Route 36
---Water the tree with the Squirtbottle to battle Sudowoodo.
---Pick up TM08 from the man in the road.
Ecruteak City
---Recieve HM03 from the man at the Dance Hall.
---Pick up the Item Finder at the house.
---Defeat Gym Leader Morty to get the Fog Badge and TM30.
---Fight the third battle with Rival.
Olivine City
---Get the Good Rod from the Fisherman.
---Meet Jasmine in the Lighthouse
---Get HM04 from the sailor.
Cianwood City
---Pick up the Secret Potion at the Pharmacy
---Defeat Gym Leader Chuck to get the Storm Badge and TM01.  
---Heal the Ampharos with the Secret Potion.
Olivine City
---Defeat Gym Leader Jasmine to get the Mineral Badge and TM23.
Lake of Rage
---Catch the Red Gyarados and get the item Red Scale.
---Meet up with Lance at the shore and follow him to Mahogany Town.
Mohagany Town
---Destroy Team Rocket's Hideout
---Get HM06 from Lance
---Defeat Gym Leader Pryce to get the Glacier Badge and TM16.
Radio Tower/Underground Path
---Pick up the Basement Key from the Fake Radio Station Manager.
---Rescue the real Station Manager in the Underground Path.
---Get either the Silver Wing (Silver version) or the Rainbow Wing (Gold version) from the Station Manager.
---Recieve TM11 from the woman in the Radio Station.
---Fight the fourth battle with Rival.
Ice Path
---Pick up HM07 which is at the end of the second "gliding puzzle".
Blackthorn City
---Defeat Gym Leader Clair.
---Find the Dragon Fang in the Dragon Den to recieve the Rising Badge and TM24.
New Bark Town
---Pick up the Master Ball from Professor Elm.
Victory Road
---Fight fifth battle with Rival.
Indigo Plateau
---Battle with the Elite 4 and the League Master, Lance.
New Bark Town
---Get the S.S. Aqua Ticket from Professor Elm.
Olivine City
---Board the S.S. Aqua at Olivine's port.
S.S. Aqua
---Find the Sailor who is slacking off to clear a path belowdecks
---Locate the missing child and recieve Metal Coat from her grandfather as a reward.

Vermilion City

---Defeat Gym Leader Lt. Surge and get the Thunder Badge.
Saffron City
---Defeat Gym Leader Sabrina to get the Marsh Badge.
Route 10
---Talk to the man at the Power Plant to find out what happened there.
Cerulean City
---Run into a suspicious-looking man in the Gym.
Route 24
---Follow the man up to Route 24 and battle him to learn where the Machine Part is.
Route 25
---Find Cerulean City's Gym Leader, Misty, who is on a date.
Cerulean City
---Find Machine Part from the Water (invisible item).
---Defeat Gym Leader Misty to get the Cascade Badge.
Route 10
---Receive TM07 from the Plant Manager.
Lavender Town
---Pick up the Expansion Card in the Radio Tower.  
Saffron City
---Talk with Copycat about her missing Poke Doll.
Vermilion City
---Retrieve the Poke Doll from the Pokemon Fan Club building.
Saffron City
---Take the Poke Doll to Copycat and recieve the Train Pass as a reward.
Celadon City
---Defeat Gym Leader Erika to get the Rainbow Badge and TM19.
Fuchsia City
---Battle Gym Leader Janine to get the Soul Badge and TM06.
Route 12
---Get the Super Rod from the fisherman's brother.
Vermilion City
---Wake up Snorlax with the Poke Flute station playing on the radio.
Pewter City
---Get the either theRainbow Wing (Silver verion), or the Silver Wing (Gold version) from the old man.
Mt. Moon
---Fight the sixth battle with Rival.
Cinnabar Island
---Meet Blue on Cinnabar Island.
Seafoam Island
---Defeat Gym Leader Blaine to get the Volcano Badge.
Viridian City
---Defeat Gym Leader Blue to get the Earth Badge.
Pallet Town
---Talk to Professor Oak to be admitted to Mt. Silver
Mt. Silver
---Battle Red to become the Champion.

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