In the Shadow of Zekrom!


In the Shadow of Zekrom is the first episode of the Best Wishes series and it is the start of Ash's new journey in the Unova region.



Ash and Pikachu

The episode starts out with the narrator giving a brief introduction of the world of Pokemon, before shifting to Ash Ketchum. Ash is a Pokemon Trainer, who is from Pallet Town in the Kanto region and is currently pursuing his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master. Ash grabs his belongings and head outside of his room, along with his Pikachu.

His mother, Delia Ketchum, informs Ash that Professor Oak is waiting for them outside. When the two step outside of their house, they see Professor Oak, in which he mentions that he have work related plans in the Unova region, but will be vacationing there as well and invites Ash and his mother to tag along.

Meanwhile, with Team Rocket, Giovanni questions Jessie, James, and Meowth on the goals of Team Rocket, where they reply that their goals are to obtain strong Pokemon in order to rule over the World. Giovanni mentions that the Unova region will be the location, where they will execute their plan. After Giovanni ends his conversation with the trio, his secretary enters the room and mentions that there's a mysterious organization in the region. Giovanni appears very confident saying that Team Rocket will cause the group to come out of hiding, where the team can attack them, so he doesn't worry.

Ash, along with Delia and Professor Oak are now on a plane heading to the Unova region. Jessie, James, and Meowth appear to be on the plane as well, but in hiding. They mention of their plans to kidnap Pikachu the moment they land. Professor Oak explains how all Pokemon from the Unova can't be found in any other location, which excites Ash.

The plane finally lands in Unova, and Ash immediately exits the plane with excitement. Pikachu looks back to the edge of the pier, suspicious of someone nearby, so he and Ash, who notices his behavior, walk towards the pier edge. Moments later, they notice a dark thundercloud approaching their direction. While staring at the cloud, a capture device appears from behind Pikachu, and grabs him. Pikachu is now trapped inside of a cage and Ash quickly attempts to grab and free him. Ash looks and realizes that Team Rocket were the ones responsible, and without hesitation, he commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, although it's ineffective due to their shield being able to negate the attack.

Ash and Pikachu at the center of the storm

The dark cloud that Ash and Pikachu noticed, fully appears over them and the rest of the town. Everyone is noticing the large amount of blue lighting the cloud is emitting. Suddenly a huge bolt of blue lighting strikes down, destroying the capturing device holding Pikachu, freeing him, as well as knocking back Ash and Team Rocket. Also, throughout the town, all of the electrical equipment has malfunctioned. As Ash recovers, he notices blue lightning striking Pikachu, who then uses Thunderbolt to strike the center of the cloud, which appears to be glowing. The Thunderbolt Pikachu is simply negated by the surrounding blue lightning. A mysterious creature with red eyes appears in the midst of the dark cloud and brings forth more lightning, causing the nearby area to glow even brighter.

Elsewhere in the town, a girl and her Axew notices the dark cloud and decide to head over to that direction to see what's going on.

Ash's mother and Professor Oak worry about Ash's safety, so they decide to go outside of the building to try and find him.

Back in the center of the storm, where Ash and Pikachu are located, the mysterious creature uses its tail to launch one final lightning attack, striking Ash and Pikachu once more before disappearing. As the creature vanishes, the sky returns back to normal. Also, all of the electrical equipment start to regain its power.

As Ash wakes up, he notices his unconscious Pikachu nearby, who immediately wakes up as well. Ash's mom and Professor Oak rush towards Ash in hopes that he wasn't hurt during the storm, for which he assures them that is the case. Briefly, sparks of electricity appears from Pikachu's cheeks, but the electric Pokemon assures everyone that he's perfectly fine as well. Ash remark that he saw a Pokemon in the clouds, but his mom and Professor Oak were in the building and only saw the dark thundercloud, so they weren't able to confirm.

Professor Juniper

Professor Juniper appears before the group and apologizes for being so late. Professor Oak introudes her to Ash and his mother, remarking that she's one of the top researchers of the Unova region. The group then head inside of Professor Juniper's vehicle, where she will take them back to her lab. As they are making their way to their destination, Ash encounters many Unova Pokemon in the wild and becomes filled with excitement. Professor Juniper mentions to Ash how rare Kanto Pokemon are seen in this region. Suddenly, electricity starts to spark from Pikachu once again, for which Juniper replies that she will give the electric Pokemon an examination once they reach her lab.

Ash and company finally arrive in Nuvema Town, where Professor Juniper leads them into her lab. She immediately conduct an exam on Pikachu only to find out she doesn't see any issues. Regardless, she decides to perform more examinations just to be safe, which disappoints Pikachu.

A lab assistant enters the room and mentions to Professor Juniper that a new Trainer has arrived to meet her, so he can prepare for his upcoming journey. Professor Oak explains to Ash that one of Professor Juniper's duties is to give a new Trainer their starter Pokemon, which excites Ash, due to him not having a clue on how the Pokemon looks like.

Ash, Professor Juniper, and her assistant proceed to the lobby, where there's a young Trainer snapping photos of the area. Professor Juniper greets the trainer, known as Trip and introduces him to the world of Pokemon. Moments later, Ash jumps into the conversation, remarking how excited he was when he first became Trainer. The Professor introduces Trip to Ash, mentioning he's from Pallet Town in the Kanto region. Trip dismisses him, saying how he's from a non-important area, which offends Ash.

Unova Pokemon Starters

Professor Juniper quickly calm both of the trainers down and starts to send out the three starter Pokemon for Trip to choose. The first Pokemon she sends out is a Tepig, who's a fire type, followed by Oshawott, who's a water type, and finally Snivy, who's a grass type. As she sends out each Pokemon, Ash gives them compliments, before they finally assemble in front of Trip. The young Trainer takes a snapshot of the three starters and after some consideration, he decides to select Snivy as his first Pokemon. Professor Juniper presents him with a Pokedex, which he uses to check Snivy's stats. Trip is also presented with six Pokeballs, including Snivy's. Finally, he recalls Snivy into a Pokemon and thanks Professor Juniper, before setting out on his journey.

Moments later, Ash exits the lab to catch up with Trip. He asks Trip whether he will battle and collect Gym Badges. Trip confirms he intends to do so and also mentions that trainers in Unova battle and obtain eight badges in order to qualify for the Unova League, which excites Ash. Suddenly, Pikachu exits the lab and head towards Ash. Trip, filled with surprise, immediately pulls out his Pokedex to scan him and he snaps photos afterwards. He explains to Ash how Pikachu is extremely rare in the Unova region and challenges Ash to a battle.

Ash vs Trip

Both trainers head to a nearby area, where Trip calls out Snivy, while Ash chooses his Pikachu. Also nearby is the starter, Oshawott, who's watching from behind a tree. Ash begins the match by commanding Pikachu to use Quick Attack, landing a direct hit on Snivy, although the grass type managed to remain on its feet. Trip commands Snivy to use Tackle, but Pikachu successfully dodges. Ash tells Pikachu to follow up with Thunderbolt, but for unknown reasons, the attack fails. Snivy lands a Tackle on Pikachu, knocking him onto the ground. As Pikachu recovers, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but fails once more. Trip begins to question Ash's abilites as a Trainer, which Ash took offense. He commands Pikachu to use Volt Tackle, but that fails as well, causing Ash to worry. Shortly, Ash realizes that Pikachu is unable to perform any electric attacks, therefore he calls for Pikachu to use an Iron Tail, but Snivy barely dodges and is commanded to counter with Leaf Tornado. The tornado, coming from Snivy's tail, engulfs Pikachu and he slams the electric Pokemon toward the ground, causing tons of dust to gather on the field. When the dust clears, Ash sees the Pikachu is unable to battle, and Trip declares his first victory.

Ash quickly grabs Pikachu and rushes him back to Professor Juniper's lab. After going through a few exams on Pikachu, Juniper mentions that the electric Pokemon is suffering from an electrical overload, due to the amount of electricity he absorbed from the black thundercloud. Professor Oak also notes that this overload is the reason why Pikachu was unable to use any electric moves, which concerns Ash on whether his Pokemon will ever be able to use electric type moves again.

Suddenly, the black thundercloud appear once more, directly over the lab. Blue lightning strikes the lab, causing a blackout, as well as inflicting more damage on Pikachu. Professor Juniper mentions that the source of the thundercloud could be from the legendary Pokemon, Zekrom. In it's thundercloud, Zekrom watches over people and Pokemon, and its lightning bolts are said to be judgment from above, as well as represent the pillars that hold up the skies.

The episode ends with Zekrom's silhouette appearing above the lab and unleashing more of its lightning, making its way into the lab towards Pikachu, causing him even more pain.

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