Item Dex (Blue/Red)

The following items are Generation I specific and are placed in the order it is in the Gamboy Game:

# Item Description
000 No Item N/A
001 Master Ball Will always catch a wild Pokémon.
002 Ultra Ball Has double chance of catching a wild Pokémon than a Poké Ball.
003 Great Ball Has a 1.5 times chance of catching a wild Pokémon than a Poké Ball.
004 Poké Ball The Basic ball used to catch wild Pokémon.
005 Town Map A Basic map showing the Kanto region.
006 Bicycle Basic Bicycle used for faster transportation.
008 Safari Ball Has a 1.5 times chance of catching a Pokémon inside the Safari Zone.
009 Pokédex Contains data of caught Pokémon.
010 Moon Stone Used to evolve some Pokémon.
011 Antidote Used to heal Poison effects.
012 Burn Heal Used to heal Burn effects.
013 Ice Heal Used to heal Freezing effects.
014 Awakening Used to heal Sleep effects.
015 Parlyz Heal Used to heal Paralysis effects.
016 Full Restore Fully heals Health and Status effects.
017 Max Potion Fully heals Health.
018 Hyper Potion Restores 200HP.
019 Super Potion Restores 50HP.
020 Potion Restores 20HP.
029 Escape Rope Used to escape caves and buildings.
030 Repel Repels Wild Pokémon for 100 steps.
031 Old Amber Contains a fossilised Aerodactyl.
032 Fire Stone Used to evolve some Pokémon.
033 Thunder Stone Used to evolve some Pokémon.
034 Water Stone Used to evolve some Pokémon.
035 HP Up Increases the maximum HP of a Pokémon.
036 Protein Raises the Attack Stat.
037 Iron Raises the Defence Stat.
038 Carbos Raises the Speed Stat.
039 Calcium Raises the Special Stat.
040 Rare Candy Increases the level of a Pokémon by 1.
041 Dome Fossil Contains a fossilised Kabuto.
042 Helix Fossil Contains a fossilised Omanyte.
043 Secret Key Unlocks the Door in Cinnabar Island.
045 Bike Voucher Used to receive a Bike.
046 X Accuracy Increases Accuracy during Battle.
047 Leaf Stone Used to evolve some Pokémon.
048 Card Key Used to Open Doors inside Silph Co.
049 Nugget Sold for a high amount.
050 PP UP Increases the PP of a move.
051 PokéDoll Used to distract wild Pokémon.
052 Full Heal Heals any Status problem.
053 Revive Revives a fainted Pokémon to half health.
054 Max Revive Revives a fainted Pokémon to full health.
055 Guard Spec Prevents stat reduction temporarily.
056 Super Repel Repels wild Pokémon for 200 steps.
057 Max Repel Repels wild Pokémon for 250 steps.
058 Dire Hit Increases Critical Hit chance during battle.
059 Coin The currency used.
060 Fresh Water Heals 50HP.
061 Soda Pop Heals 60HP.
062 Lemonade Heals 70HP.
063 S.S. Ticket Allows access to S.S. Ann.
064 Gold Teeth Warden Slowpoke's false teeth.
065 X Attack Increases the Attack Stat during battle.
066 X Defend Increases the Defence Stat during battle.
067 X Speed Increases the Speed Stat during battle.
068 X Special Increases the Special Stat during battle.
069 Coin Case Used to hold coins.
070 Oak's Parcel Deliver to Prof. Oak.
071 Item Finder Locates hidden items on the ground.
072 Silph Scope Allows you to see Ghost type Pokémon.
073 PokéFlute Used to Awaken sleeping Pokémon.
074 Lift Key Used to access the Lifts inside Rocket's Hideout.
075 Exp. All Experience gained will be shared between all non-fainted Pokémon inside the trainer's party.
076 Old Rod Used to catch weak Water type Pokémon.
077 Good Rod Used to catch Water type Pokémon.
078 Super Rod Used to catch strong Water type Pokémon.
079 Ether Restores 10 PP on one move.
080 Max Ether Fully restores PP on one move.
081 Elixer Restores 10 PP on all moves on one Pokémon.
082 Max Elixer Fully restores PP on all moves on one Pokémon.
083 HM01 Contains the move Cut.
084 HM02 Contains the move Fly.
085 HM03 Contains the move Surf.
086 HM04 Contains the move Strength.
087 HM05 Contains the move Flash.
088 TM01 Contains the move Mega Punch.
089 TM02 Contains the move Razor Wind.
090 TM03 Contains the move Swords Dance.
091 TM04 Contains the move Whirlwind.
092 TM05 Contains the move Mega Kick.
093 TM06 Contains the move Toxic.
094 TM07 Contains the move Horn Drill.
095 TM08 Contains the move Body Slam.
096 TM09 Contains the move Take Down.
097 TM10 Contains the move Double-Edge.
098 TM11 Contains the move BubbleBeam.
099 TM12 Contains the move Water Gun.
100 TM13 Contains the move Ice Beam.
101 TM14 Contains the move Blizzard.
102 TM15 Contains the move Hyper Beam.
103 TM16 Contains the move Pay Day.
104 TM17 Contains the move Submission.
105 TM18 Contains the move Counter.
106 TM19 Contains the move Seismic Toss.
107 TM20 Contains the move Rage.
108 TM21 Contains the move Mega Drain.
109 TM22 Contains the move Solar Beam.
110 TM23 Contains the move Dragon Rage.
111 TM24 Contains the move Thunderbolt.
112 TM25 Contains the move Thunder.
113 TM26 Contains the move Earthquake.
114 TM27 Contains the move Fissure.
115 TM28 Contains the move Dig.
116 TM29 Contains the move Psychic.
117 TM30 Contains the move Teleport.
118 TM31 Contains the move Mimic.
119 TM32 Contains the move Double Team.
120 TM33 Contains the move Reflect.
121 TM34 Contains the move Bide.
122 TM35 Contains the move Metronome.
123 TM36 Contains the move Self Destruct.
124 TM37 Contains the move Egg Bomb.
125 TM38 Contains the move Fire Blast.
126 TM39 Contains the move Swift.
127 TM40 Contains the move Skull Bash.
128 TM41 Contains the move Softboiled.
129 TM42 Contains the move Dream Eater.
130 TM43 Contains the move Sky Attack
131 TM44 Contains the move Rest.
132 TM45 Contains the move Thunder Wave.
134 TM46 Contains the move Psywave.
135 TM47 Contains the move Explosion.
136 TM48 Contains the move Rock Slide.
137 TM49 Contains the move Tri Attack.
138 TM50 Contains the move Subsitute.

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