Item Dex (Gold/Silver)



Recovery Items

Potion-Heals 20HP

Super Potion-Heals 50HP

Hyper Potion-Heals 200HP

Max Potion-Heals all HP

Berry Juice-Heals 20HP and raises Happiness

Fresh Water-Heals 50HP and raises Happiness

Soda Pop-Heals 60HP and raises Happiness

Lemonade-Heals 80HP and raises Happiness

MooMoo Milk-Heals 100HP and raises Happiness

RageCandy Bar-Heals 20HP and lowers Happiness

EnergyPowder-Heals 50HP and lowers Happiness

Energy Root-Heals 100HP and lowers Happiness

Heal Powder-Cures status ailments and lowers Happiness

Revival Herb-Revives to half HP and lowers happiness

Antidote-Cures PSN (Poison)

Awakening-Cures SLP (Sleep)

Burn Heal-Cures BRN (Burn)

Ice Heal-Cures FRZ (Freeze)

Paralyz Heal-Cures PLZ (Paralyze)

Full Heal-Cures all status ailments

Full Restore-Heals all HP and cures all status ailments

Ether-Restores some PP of one move

Max Ether-Restores all PP of one move

Elixer-Restores some PP of all moves

Max Elixer-Restores all PP of all moves

Revive-Revives to half HP

Max Revive-Revives to max HP

Sacred Ash-Restores status, all HP and all PP

Berries and Apricorns

Name Description Location

Berry Heals 10HP

Bitter Berry Cures confusion

Burnt Berry Cures FRZ (Freeze)

Gold Berry Heals 30HP

Ice Berry Cures BRN (Burn)

Mint Berry Cures SLP (Sleep)

Miracle Berry Cures all status ailments (including CNF)

Mystery Berry Restores up to 5 PP

PrzCureBerry Cures PRZ (Paralyze)

PsnCureBerry Cures PSN (Poison)

Blk Apricorn Give to Kurt for a Heavy Ball

Blu Apricorn Give to Kurt for a Lure Ball

Grn Apricorn Give to Kurt for a Friend Ball

Pink Apricorn Give to Kurt for a Love Ball

Red Apricorn Give to Kurt for a Level Ball

Wht Apricorn Give to Kurt for a Speed Ball

Ylw Apricorn Give to Kurt for a Moon Ball

In-Battle Stat Enhancers

Dire Hit-Increases Critical Hit ratio

Guard Spec-Protects against Stat Reduction

X Accuracy-Raises Accuracy

X Attack-Raises Attack

X Defend-Raises Defense

X Special-Raises Special Attack

X Speed-Raises Speed

Vitamins and Minerals

Calcium-Raises Spec Atk and Spec Def stats

Carbos-Raises Speed stat

HP Up-Raises Max HP

Iron-Raises Defense stat

PP Up-Raises Max PP of one move

Protein-Raises Attack stat

Rare Candy-Raises level by one

Evolution Items

Dragon Scale-Evolves Seadra when traded

Fire Stone-Evolves Vulpix, Growlithe, Eevee

King's Rock-Evolves Poliwhirl, Slowpoke when traded

Leaf Stone-Evolves Exeggcute, Gloom, Weepinbell

Metal Coat-Evolves Onix, Scyther when traded

Moon Stone-Evolves Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Nidorina, Nidorino

Sun Stone-Evolves Sunkern, Gloom

Thunder Stone-Evolves Pikachu, Eevee

Upgrade-Evolves Porygon when traded

Water Stone-Evolves Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu, Eevee


Pokéball-Catches Pokemon

Great Ball-Increased chance of catching

Ultra Ball-Best chance of catching

Friend Ball-Boosts a Pokemon's Happiness

Heavy Ball-Catches heavy Pokemon

Level Ball-Catches low levelled Pokemon

Love Ball-Catches Pokemon of the opposite gender

Lure Ball-Catches Pokemon caught with a rod

Moon Ball-Catches Moon Stone evolving Pokemon

Speed Ball-Catches Pokemon that escape

Park Ball-Used in the Bug Catcher's Tournament

Master Ball-Guarantees capture

Held Items

Amulet Coin Doubles money earned from trainers

Berserk Gene-Maxes out attack, but confuses

Blackbelt-Boosts Fighting-type moves

Blackglasses-Boosts Dark-type moves

Bright Powder-Lowers opponent's accuracy

Charcoal-Boosts Fire-type moves

Cleanse Tag-Lowers the encounter rate of Wild Pokemon

Dragon Fang-Boosts Dragon-type moves

Everstone-Prevents evolution

Exp. Share-Shares half the amount of experience earned

Focus Band-12% of preventing a Pokemon from fainting

Hard Stone-Boosts Rock-type moves

King's Rock-Raises the chance of flinches

Leftovers-Recovers 1/16 of the max HP each turn

Light Ball-Doubles Pikachu's Special Attack

Lucky Egg-Increases the amount of experience earned

Lucky Punch-Raises Chansey's Critical Hit Ratio

Magnet-Boosts Electric-type moves

Metal Coat-Boosts Steel-type moves

MetalPowder-Raises Ditto's Defense

Miracle Seed-Boosts Grass-type moves

Mystic Water-Boosts Water-type moves

NevermeltIce-Boosts Ice-type moves

Pink Bow-Boosts Normal-type moves

Poison Barb-Boosts Poison-type moves

Polkadot Bow-Boosts Normal-type moves

Quick Claw-23% chance that your Pokemon attacks first

Scope Lens-Increases the Critical Hit ratio

Sharp Beak-Boosts Flying-type moves

Silver Powder-Boosts Bug-type moves

Smoke Ball-100% success rate of escaping

Soft Sand-Boosts Ground-type moves

Spell Tag-Boosts Ghost-type moves

Stick-Raises Farfetch'd's Critical Hit ratio

Thick Club-Doubles Cubone and Marowak's Attack

Twisted Spoon-Boosts Psychic-type moves


Bluesky Mail-Silhouette of Dragonair and Sentret

Eon Mail-Silhouette of Eevee

Flower Mail-Flower Pattern

LiteBlue Mail-Silhouette of Dratini

Lovely Mail-Silhouette of Poliwag

Mirage Mail-Silhouette of Mew

Morph Mail-Silhouette of Ditto

Music Mail-Silhouette of Natu Portrait Mail-Picture of your Pokémon

Surf Mail-Silhouette of Lapras


Big Pearl-A big, beautiful pearl.

BigMushroom-A rare Mushroom.

Brick Piece-A rare chunk of brick.

Gold Leaf-A strange, gold coloured leaf.

Gorgeous Box-Holds an ornamental trophy

Normal Box-Holds an ornamental trophy

Nugget-Sell for 5000 Dungeons

Pearl-A beautiful pearl.

Silver Leaf-A strange, silver coloured leaf.

Slowpoketail-Very tasty.

Star Piece-A hunk of red gem.

Stardust-Pretty red sand.

TinyMushroom-An ordinary mushroom.

Escape Rope-Exits a building or dungeon Marts, Dungeons

Max Repel-Repels wild Pokemon for 250 steps Marts

Poke Doll Escapes from battle Marts

Repel-Repels wild Pokemon for 100 steps Marts, Dungeons

Super Repel-Repels wild Pokemon for 200 steps Marts, Dungeon

Key Items

Basement Key-Access the basement of the MegaMart Goldenrod City

Bike-Doubles walking speed Goldenrod City

Card Key-Unlock the barrier in the Radio Tower Goldenrod City

Coin Case-Hold casino coins Goldenrod City

Good Rod-Catches some aquatic Pokemon Olivine City

Itemfinder-Detects hidden items Ecruteak City

Lost Doll-Return to the CopyCat in Saffron City Vermilion City

Machine Part-Stolen from the Power Plant Cerulean City

Map Card-Shows the Map of Johto or Kanto Route 26

Mystery Egg-Wait for it to hatch! Violet City

Old Rod-Catches Magikarp Route 32

Pass-Pass for the Magnet Train Saffron City

Radio Card-Johto Radio Stations Goldenrod City

Radio EXP Card-Kanto Radio Stations Lavender Town

Rainbow Wing-Used to find Ho-oh in Pokemon Silver Pewter City

Red Scale-Trade for EXP. Share with Mr Pokemon Red Gyarados

SecretPotion-Used to heal Ampharos in the Lighthouse Cianwood City

Silver Wing-Used to find Lugia in Pokemon Gold Pewter City

Squirtbottle-Used to awaken Sudowoodo Goldenrod City

SS Ticket-Ticket to the SS Aqua Prof. Elm

Super Rod-Catches all aquatic Pokemon Route 12

Unown Dex-Unown Listing

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