Item Dex (Yellow)

Potion-Restores 20hp , Super Potion-Restores 50hp , Hyper Potion-Restores 200hp , Max Potion-Restores All hp , Revive- Restores half hp to a fainted Pokemon , Max Revive- Restores fainted pokemon to full health , Full Heal- Restores Status to normal , Ice Heal- Restores frozen Pokemon to normal status , Burn Heal-Restores Burnt Pokemon to regular status , Antidote-Cures Poisioned Pokemon , Moon Stone- Evolves certain Pokemon , Thunderstone- Evolves Certain Pokemon , Firestone-Evolves Certain Pokemon , Leafstone-Evolves certain Pokemon , Waterstonne- Evolves certain Pokemon , Pokeball-The basic Capturing device to catch wild pokemon , Great Ball- A pokeball that is slightly better than a normal pokeball , Ultra Ball-A pokeball that is even better than the Great Ball , Master Ball- Only one exists, it is the ultimat pokeball and catches any wild pokemon without fail , Old Rod-an old beaten fishing rod that can be used to find wild water-type pokemon in rivers, ponds, and oceans , Good Rod-a fishing rod that is longer than the old rod, that can be used to catch higher leveled pokemon , Super Rod-the best fishing rod, that can be used in any body of water to catch pokemon up to level 35 , Bicycle-a bike that can be used to go faster tan walking, but is harder to go exactly where you want to , Poke Flute-The flut used the awaken the two Snorlax , Sliph Scope- a device that enables you to see ghost type pokemon in Lavender Tower , Card Key-a card that lets you open the doors in the Sliph headquarters , TMs-These let you teach o move to a Pokemon that it would not learn by itself, these can only be used once , HMs-The same as TMs, but they can be used multiple times.

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