Items (PMD; EOT/D)



Name: | Effect:

Apple | Slightly Fills Belly,Slightly Enlarges Belly Size When Full

Big Apple | Amply Fills Belly,Slightly Enlarges Belly Size When Full

Enormous Apple | Completly Fills Belly,Slightly Enlarges Belly Size When Full

Golden Apple | Completly Fills Belly,Amply Enlarges Belly Size When Full

Grimy Food | Slightly Fills Belly,Causes Random Status


Name: | Effect:

Cheri Berry | Heals Paralysis

Oran Berry | Restores HP by 100

Chesto Berry | Heals Sleep

Pecha Berry | Heals Poison

Rawst Berry | Heals Burn

Sitrus Berry | Restores Full HP


Name: | Effect:

Black Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Dark types

Blue Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Water types

Brown Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Ground types

Clear Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Ice types

Gold Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Psychic types

Grass Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Grass types

Gray Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Rock types

Green Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Bug types

Orange Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Fighting types

Pink Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Poison types

Purple Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Ghost types

Red Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Fire types

Royal Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Dragon types

Silver Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Steel types

Sky Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Flying types

White Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Normal types

Wonder Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of all types

Yellow Gummi | Slightly Fills Belly, raises IQ of Electric types


Name: | Effect:

Calcium | Boosts Special Attack

Gabite's Scale | Heals All Status

Ginseng | Boosts Power of set move

Iron | Boosts Defense

Max Elixir | Recovers All PP

Protein | Boosts Attack

Tasty Honey | Raises IQ

Zinc | Boosts Special Defense

Tossed Items

Name: | Effect:

Cacnea Spike | Hits Target Directly

Corsola Twig | Hits Target Directly

Gold Fang | Hits Target Directly

Golden Twig | Hits Target Directly

Iron Thorn | Hits Target Directly

Ancient Fossil | Arcs And Hits Target

Silver Spike | Hits Target Directly

Stick | Hits Target Directly

Geo Pebble | Arcs And Hits Target

Gravelerock | Arcs And Hits Target


Name | Effect

Bounce Band | Bounces off all thrown items

Curve Band | Makes thrown items bounce off walls and fly sideways, no effect on thrown rocks or Pokemon in Pierce status

Def. Scarf | Boosts user's Defense

Detect Band | Boosts user's Evasion

Diet Ribbon | Enters Hungry Pal status, prevents Belly from filling, lowers Belly quicker

Dodge Scarf | Evades all thrown items

[[Friend Bow] | Recruits Pokemon easier

Gold Ribbon | High priced item

Heal Ribbon | Heals HP quicker, lowers Belly quicker

Joy Ribbon | Receives experience when hit

Mobile Scarf | Allows user to walk through anything, lowers Belly

Munch Band | Slightly boosts user's Attack and Special Attack, lowers Belly quicker

No-Stick Cap | Prevents items from being sticky and gummed up

Pass Scarf | Passes added effects of attacks and certain attacks to adjacent Pokemon, lowers Belly

Patsy Band | Raises chance of taking critical hits

Pecha Scarf | Prevents Poisoned and Badly Poisoned status

Persim Band | Prevents Confused status

Pierce Band | Makes thrown items pierce through everything without stopping, no effect on rocks

Plain Ribbon | No effect

Power Band | Boosts user's Attack

Racket Band | Helps waking initially sleeping pokemon

Sneak Scarf | Prevents user from waking up initially sleeping Pokemon

Special Band | Boosts user's Special Attack

Stamina Band | Lowers Belly slower

Tight Belt | Prevents Belly from lowering, except when walking through walls and using linked moves

Trap Scarf | Prevents traps from going off if stepped on

Twist Band | Prevents Attack and Special Attack from lowering

Warp Scarf | Occasionally warps user to elsewhere on the same floor

Weather Band | Neglects weather effects

Zinc Band | Boosts user's Special Defense


Name: | Effect:

All-Hit Orb | Enters Focused status, range: team members in same room

All-Mach Orb | Raises Movement Speed by 1 level, range: all team members

BlowBack Orb | Knocks A Distant Target Flying,range: All Team Members

Cleanse Orb | Cleans sticky and gummed up items, range: all team members

Decoy Orb | Turns Target Into Decoy, Range: Foe In Front

Drought Orb | Dries Up All Water And Magma On Floor

Escape Orb | Allows Escape From Dungeon, Range: All Team Members

Evasion Orb | Raise Evasion By 1 Level, Range: User

Fill-In Orb | Turns Water Or Magma In Front Into Floor-Tile

Foe-Hold Orb | Turns Foes Into Petrify Status, Range: Whole Floor

Foe-Steal Orb | Turns Foes Into Paused Status, Range: Same Room

Foe-Stun Orb | Turns Foes Into Frightened Status, Range: Same Room

Hail Orb | Starts Hail Weather

Hurl Orb | Hurls Foes To Hit Other Foes, Range: Foe In Front

Identify Orb | Reveals All Held Items Of Pokemon, Range: Whole Floor

Invisify Orb | Enters Invisible Status, Range: User

Itemizer Orb | Turns Target Into An Item, Range: For In Front

Lob Orb | Inflicts Damage Up To 2 Tiles Away, Range: 2 Tiles

LongToss Orb | Enters Long Toss Status, Range: User

Luminous Orb | Reveals Entire Floor

Mobile Orb | Enters Mobile Status, Range: User

Mug Orb | Inflicts Damage And Snatches Item, Range: Foe In Front

One-Room Orb | Breaks Down All Walls In Room

One-Shot Orb | Knocks Out Foe In One Hit, Range: Foe In Front

Petrify Orb | Turns Foes Into Petrified Status, Range: Same Room

Pierce Orb | Enters Pierce Status, Range: User

Pounce Orb | Pounces On Pokemon In Front, Regardless Of Distance

Quick Orb | Raises Movement Speed By 1 Level, Range: Team Members In Same Room

Radar Orb | Reveals All Foes On Floor

Rainy Orb | Starts Rain Weather

Rebound Orb | Enters Mini Counter status, range: user

Rocky Orb | Inflicts damage and lowers target's Movement Speed by 1 level, range: foe in front

Rollcall Orb | Draws all team members to user, range: whole floor

Sandy Orb | Starts Sandstorm weather

Scanner Orb | Reveals all unclaimed items on floor

See-Trap Orb | Reveals all traps on floor

Shocker Orb | Turns foe into Cowering status, range: foe in front

Silence Orb | Turns foe into Muzzled status, range: foe in front

Slow Orb | Lowers foes' Movement Speed by 1 level, range: same room

Slumber Orb | Turns foe into Sleep status, range: same room

Snatch Orb | Enters Snatch status, range: user

Spurn Orb | Warps foes to somewhere else on the same floor, range: same room

Stairs Orb | Reveals stairs

Stayaway Orb | Turns foe into Petrified status and warps to stairs, range: foe in front

Sunny Orb | Starts Sunny weather

Switcher Orb | Switches position with another Pokemon regardless of distance, range: user

Totter Orb | Turns foe into Confused status, range: same room

Transfer Orb | Transform target into different Pokemon on floor, range: foe in front

Trapbust Orb | Destroys all traps in same room

Trapper Orb | Sets trap on floor, range: user

Trawl Orb | Draws all items to user, range: whole floor

Two-Edge Orb | Halves HP of all foes and self, range: same room

Warp Orb | Warps foe in same room to elsewhere on the same floor, range: straightline

TM's and HM's

Name: | Effect:

  • All 92 TMs from Diamond and Pearl can be found in this game as well as two extra TM's.


Cut | N/K

Fly | N/K

Strength | N/K

Defog | N/K

Rock Smash | Breaks Walls

Rock Climb | N/K

Dive | Used to get to places underwater.


Wide Slash | Inflicts Damage on the three tiles directly in front of the character, ie. in front, and to the left and right of this tile.

Vacuum Cut | Inflicts 30 fixed damage on everyone in the same room.

Treasure Chests

Name: | Effect:

Adorable Chest (R) | Treasure Found Inside

Beautiful Chest (Y) | Treasure Found Inside

Cool Chest (R) | Treasure Found Inside

Cute Chest (R) | Treasure Found Inside

Dubious Chest (R) | Treasure Found Inside

Hard Chest (B) | Treasure Found Inside

Heavy Chest (B) | Treasure Found Inside

Light Chest (B) | Treasure Found Inside

Luxurious Chest (Y) | Treasure Found Inside

Pretty Chest (Y) | Treasure Found Inside

Shining Chest (Y) | Treasure Found Inside

Sparkling Chest (Y) | Treasure Found Inside


Name: | Effect:

Goggle Specs | Reveals Hidden Traps And Invinsible Pokemon

Insomniscope | Prevents Sleep, Napping, Nightmare And Yawning Status

Lockon Specs | Boosts Accuracy Of Thrown Items

No-Aim Scope | Makes Thrown Items Fly In Any Directions

Scope Lens | Boosts Chance Of Making Critical Hits

Whiff Specs | Prevents Thrown Items From Hitting Others

X-Ray Specs | Enables Pokemon To See Location Of Items And Foes

Rare Hold Items

Name: | Effect:

Fire Drum | Recruits Fire Type Pokemon Easier

Flying Piancia | Recruits Flying Type Pokemon Easier

Grass Trumpet | Recruits Grass Type Pokemon Easier

Ice Flute | Recruits Ice Type Pokemon Easier

Land Cymbal | Recruits Land Type Pokemon Easier

Rock Megaphone | Recruits Rock Type Pokemon Easier

Water Harmonica | Recruits Water Type Pokemon Easier

Amber Tear | Maximally Raises Chance Of Recruiting Pokemon

Golden Mask | Maximally Raises Chance Of Recruiting Pokemon

Miracle Chest | Raises Experience Received (Bigger effect than Wonder chest)

Wonder Chest | Raises Experience Received

Miscellaneous Items

Name: | Effect:

Enigma Part | Makes Legends Appear In Dungeons

Hidden Gold | Sell For A Lot Of Money

Key | Unlocking Doors In Dungeons

Link Box | Linking and Delinking Moves

Mysterious Egg | Hatches Into Manaphy

Pokedollar | Money Picked Up In Dungeons

Secret Stoneplate | Makes Legends Appear In Dungeons

Unown Stones | Needed to find the 3 regis

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