Jubilife City

Jubilife City is a fairly large city with lots of things to do for the begining trainer. Jubilife City does not have a Pokémon Gym.

[edit] Jubilife City

Jubilife City is a wonderful place. It is amongst the busiest in the Sinnoh region. It is the home of Jubilife TV, the Pokémon Trainer School, The Pokétech Company, a Pokémon Center, a Poké Mart, and the Global Trade Station, which makes use of Wi-Fi. In the corner of the Jubilife TV building every day, there is a different Trainer that would like to battle you. Usually they only have one Pokémon, but sometimes they have two or three, no matter what level your Pokémon currently are or how many Gym Badges you have.

[edit] Features

  • Television Station
  • Pokémon Trainer School
  • Pokétech Company
  • Global WIFI Trading Building
  • Pokémon Center
  • Pokémon Mart

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