Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

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October 17, 2013
US First Airing
October 19, 2013
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Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! is the 1st episode of the XY Series as Ash and Pikachu arrive in the Kalos region to begin their new adventure.



Serena and Fletchling

The episode begins with a Fletchling flying inside of a house. The woman, Serena's mother, orders Fletchling to head to Serena's room and wake her up, and the flying type Pokemon heads up the stairs to that location. The bird goes towards her bed, uses Peck, and Serena instantly wakes up and yells, as she's in pain from the attack. She attempts to grab Fletchling, but the Pokemon moves out of the way. Serena warns Fletchling not to use Peck to wake her up again.

Serena heads towards her window and states how she feels that today will be a wonderful day.

At this point, the narrator introduces the Kalos region, while many Pokemon from the region are shown. Following that, the episode shifts towards Ash and Pikachu, and they're filled with excitement, as they are about to land in Lumiose City.

Mega Blaziken debut

Ash rushes off the plane, but accidentally falls down the steps, landing on the ground, but he quickly pulls himself together. He mentions to Alexa that he wants to battle at her sister's gym immediately, but Alexa replies that her sister, Viola, and the gym aren't in Lumiose City. Viola's gym is located in Santalune City. Alexa does mention that she will call and see if Viola is currently at her gym. While Ash waits for Alexa to return, he briefly encounters a mysterious Pokemon, who quickly vanishes. This leaves Ash and Pikachu extremely excited.

Ash and Pikachu head back to the lobby, where they would meet up with Alexa, along with her Helioptile. Ash expresses his excitement about the Pokemon he just encountered and mentions that he's glad to have made the decision to travel to the Kalos region. Alexa manages to contact her sister, and tells Ash that she's currently away from the gym. This news upsets Ash, as he starts a minor tantrum stating how he really wants to battle and become one step closer to reaching his goal of Pokemon Master.

As an alternative, Alexa suggests the Lumiose City Gym to be the first gym that Ash tackles. She tells him of the location of the gym, which is inside of the Prism Tower. Ash expresses his gratitude to Alexa for everything she's done for him and the two go their separate ways.

Ash proceeds further into Lumiose City, showing more excitement as he encounter many new Pokemon he's never seen before, as well as Pokemon from previous regions. He eventually arrives near the Prism Tower and immediately proceeds inside of the building. A boy and a girl observes Ash heading inside of the building. Ash reaches a dead end and he requests a Gym Battle with the leader. The voice on the monitor questions Ash on the amount of badges he currently possess, and Ash states that he has none and that the gym would be his first challenge. The voice mentions that to battle the Lumiose Gym Leader, the trainer must have 4 Gym Badges. A trap door opens from beneath Ash, causing him to fall through. He ends up outside of the Prism Tower, falling toward the ground. The boy and girl who observed him earlier, notices Ash falling, so they rush to save him. The boy pulls out a device that cushions Ash's fall and the girl safely catches Pikachu.

Ash thanks the boy for saving him. The girl has taken an extreme liking to Ash's Pikachu. She's holding Pikachu in an uncomfortable way, which causes the Pokemon to shock her, as well as everyone else.

Meanwhile, there's a Froakie watching them from a distance.


The girl apologizes to Pikachu about the way she handled him, and Pikachu accepts. Ash mentions that Pikachu was just surprised and he thanks her again for saving him. Afterwards, Ash mentions that he didn't get the opportunity to see the Gym Leader, as he was immediately kicked out. The girl asked him how many badges Ash currently possess, but he mentions that he has none, which surprises her. Ash states the he's new to the Kalos region. The boy asks Ash where he's originally from.

Ash finally introduces himself, as well as Pikachu and states that he is from Pallet Town in the Kanto region. The boy introduces himself as Clemont, and his little sister, Bonnie. Bonnie notices how Pikachu is extremely comfortable around Ash, who explains how Pikachu was his very first Pokemon and that they came to Kalos, looking for a new challenge. Ash asks if Clemont and Bonnie if they were heading on a journey as well. Bonnie replies that they will be starting their journey very soon. Clemont mentions that his sister wants to become a trainer, but is too young. Ash can sympathize with her, as he wanted to become a trainer when he was her age.

Ash vs Clemont

After the introductions, Ash asks Clemont if he has any Pokemon, which the boy confirms by pulling out his Pokeball. Ash immediately challenges him to a battle. Although Clemont was hesitant, Bonnie convinces him to accepts Ash's request.

Both trainers head to the nearby battlefield. Clemont calls out his Bunnelby and Ash calls out his Pikachu. Ash begins the battle by commanding Pikachu to launch a Thunderbolt, but Clemont tells Bunnelby to use Dig to raise up the sand, blocking the Thunderbolt from striking the Pokemon. Ash and Pikachu appear very surprised, and Clemont explains that despite Bunnelby being a Normal Type, he has ways of countering electric type moves.

Bunnelby vs Pikachu

Clemont commands Bunnelby to Dig, while Ash calls for Pikachu to run towards him and not lose sight. Suddenly, Bunnelby appears from beneath the ground and strikes Pikachu directly and follows up with a slap, knocking Pikachu back. Ash makes sure Pikachu is able to continue before commanding him to use a Quick Attack, which strikes Bunnelby directly, although he managed to remain on his feet. Clemont commands Bunnelby to repeatedly use Double Slap, further weakening Pikachu. Ash continues the battle by ordering Pikachu to use Iron Tail, but Bunnelby successfully grabs Pikachu's Tail using his ears. Clemont mentioned to Ash that he has fallen for his trap, although Ash replied that he expected Clemont's Bunnelby to grab Pikachu's Tail, so he can use the opportunity to strike the Normal Type Pokemon up close with Electro Ball, which Ash commands Pikachu to do.

Clemont and Bonnie both mention how Ash is an extremely skilled trainer. Ash continues the battle by ordering Pikachu to use a Quick Attack. Suddenly, the battle gets interrupted and everyone sees that Team Rocket is responsible. Ash explains that Team Rocket are a group of people that always attempt to capture his Pikachu, as well as kidnap other Pokemon. Jessie and James state how the Kalos region holds powerful Pokemon and that they want to capture them as well. Meowth suggests that they use the opportunity to catch both Pikachu and Bunnelby. Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie vow to stop them from taking the Pokemon.

Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Jessie tells Wobbuffet to counter. Wobbuffet uses Mirror Coat to send the attack back, at double the power, towards Pikachu, striking him directly. Ash rushes to Pikachu to make sure that it's able to continue on. Clemont suggests that they should retreat, but Ash replies that he's faced them countless times and refuses to run away from them. He notices that Pikachu is fine, so Ash decides to continue battling Team Rocket. Clemont decides to assist Ash and commands his Bunnelby to use Mud Shot, and Ash commands Pikachu to use Electro Ball. Wobbuffet dodges the Mud Shot and uses Mirror Coat once again on Pikachu's Electro Ball. Right as the Elctro Ball approaches Pikachu, a Pokemon appears in front of Pikachu and takes damage from the attack.

Clemont mentioned that the Pokemon that saved Pikachu is Froakie, who is the Water type starter of the Kalos region. Despite Froakie taking direct damage, he still attempts to battle against Team Rocket. Froakie throws some of the white bubbles from around his neck towards Wobbuffet, who then attempts to counter with Mirror Coat, but fails as Froakie is not using a move. Clemont commands Bunnelby to use Mud Shot, Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, and Froakie uses Water Pulse to blast off Team Rocket.


Froakie collapses shortly after from the severe damage he's taken. Ash asks for the location of the nearest Pokemon Center, but Clemont is unsure. Bonnie suggests that they head to Professor Sycamore's research lab, as he would most likely know what to do. The episode ends with Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie rushing Froakie to the professor, in order for the water type Pokemon to fully recover from his injuries.

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  • This is the anime series' 800th episode.
  • The scene at the beginning of the episode, featuring Serena, mimics the first cutscene of the Pokemon X and Y games.

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