Kanto is the first region introduced to the Pokémon World. It has appeared in Generation I, II, III and IV. V is the only Generation in which Kanto is yet to be included.

Locations in Kanto


Pallet Town

Pallet Town (Japanese name: Masara Town) is a small place home to many notable characters such as Red, Blue and Professor Oak. It is said to bring new beginnings to Pokémon Trainers on their journeys.

Route 1 lies north of Pallet Town while Route 21 sits below.

Viridian City

Viridian City (Japanese name: Tokiwa City) is situated directly above Pallet Town (and Route 1). Viridian Forest (and Route 2 is north of the place, while Route 22 is to the west. It is notable for its gym, whose leader was Team Rocket boss Giovanni in Generation I and III. Blue later takes over in Generation II and IV.

Pewter City

Pewter City (Japanese name: Nibi City) lies between Viridian Forest (via Route 2) and Mt. Moon (via Route 3). The gym leader has been Brock consistently throughout each generation. Pewter Museum of Science is the city's main attraction.

Cerulean City

Cerulean City (Japanese name: Hanada City) is a mid-sized city, home to Misty, the city's gym leader. Around it, there are four routes, each leading from a different direction. The Miracle Cycle Shop is one of the places few attractions, as well as Cerulean Cape, which is positioned northwest of the city.

Vermilion City

Vermilion City (Japanese name: Kuchiba City) is situated near a sea inlet. It is popular for the famous S.S. Anne, and also its gym, whose leader is Lt. Surge.

Route 11 and Diglett's Cave can be found to the east, while Route 6 is found north of the city.

Lavender Town

Lavender Town (Japanese name: Cion Town) is a small place well known for its ghost sightings, and Pokémon Tower (or Radio Tower in Generation IV).

To the north of the town is Route 10 and Rock Tunnel, Route 8 to the west and Route 12 to the south.

Celadon City

Celadon City (Japanese name: Temamushi City) is a relatively large place to the north of Vermilion City and south of Cerulean City. It is famous for many things including: Celadon Department Store, Celadon Game Corner, Rocket Hideout and Erika's Grass type gym.

Fuchsia City

Fuchsia City (Japanese name: Sekichiku City) is located in southwest Kanto. Koga was the gym leader of the city in Generation I until his daughter Janine took over in Generation II, and remained throughout Generation IV. In the latter generation, Pal Park existed in place of what was once the Safari Zone.

Route 15 is east of the city, while Route 18 is west. Surfing Route 19 is south of Fuchsia.

Saffron City

Saffron City (Japanese name: Yamabuki City) is one of the largest places in Kanto, home to Sabrina and her Psychic gym, Silph Co. and the Fighting Dojo. Between it lies Celadon City, Vermilion City, Lavender Town and Cerulean City.

Cinnabar Island

Cinnabar Island (Japanese name: Guren Town) is a large island to the south of Pallet Town. Blaine was once the gym leader, until Generation IV when the volcano erupted, wiping out the place, leaving only rocky remains. Blaine then moved to inhabit Seafoam Islands.

Indigo Plateau

Indigo Plateau (Japanese name: Sekiei Plateau) is the final destination for all Pokémon Trainers where they can henceforth battle the Elite Four in the hopes of becoming a Pokémon Master.

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