Korean Event Pokémon


[edit] 2003

[edit] 2004

[edit] 2005

[edit] 2006

[edit] 2007

[edit] 2008

Nintendo of Korea Manaphy-Holding a Kings Rock

Nintendo of Korea Rayquaza-Holding a Dragon Scale

Magmortar-Holding a Charcoal

Electrive-Holding a Magnet

Nintendo of Korea Deoxys-Holding either Petaya or Ganlon Berry

Nintendo of Korea Tangrowth-Holding Petaya Berry

Nintendo of Korea Darkrai-Holding Enigma Berry

[edit] 2009

Nintendo of Korea Mew-Holding a Salac berry

Battle Series 2009 Arcanine-Holding a Charcoal

Nintendo of Korea Regigigas-Holding a Custap Berry

Munchlax-Holding a Leftovers

Feebas-Holding a Pamtre Berry

Shaymin-Holding a Micle Berry

Pikachu-Holding a Light Ball

Mikena Pichu-Holding an Everstone (Goes into 2010)

[edit] 2010

Cinema Arceus-Holding a Rowap Berry

Nintendo of Korea Jirachi-Holding a Liechi Berry

Time Square Shaymin-Holding a Soothe Bell

Summer Festival Milotic-Holding a Flame Orb

Shinsegae Raikou-Holding a Micle berry

Shinsegae Entei-Holding a Custop Berry

Crown City Raikou-Holding Micle Berry (Goes into 2011)

Crown City Entei-Holding a Custap Berry (Goes into 2011)

Crown City Suicune-Holding a Rowap Berry (Goes into 2011)

Cinema Celebi-Holding Jaboca Berry (Goes into 2011)

[edit] 2011

Power Lover Manaphy-Holding a Lansat Berry

[edit] 2012

[edit] 2013

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