Legendary Dragons

"Legendary Dragons" is the term when naming Dialga- a legendary dragon that only appears in Pokemon Diamond, and pokemon mystery dungeon Explorers of time and darkness,and can only be obtained in pearl by trading from diamond. Its a very powerful pokemon but it doesnt seem very wanted with the common pokemon fans. This is probably because you can get Dialga near the end of the game so who ever has beaten the game has it. They are also commonly found in the global trading center in jubilife city in pokemon diamond and pearl. Palkia- one of three legendary dragons, this pokemon can only be obtained by trading from pearl to diamond. this pokemon is just as valuable as dialga and is treated the same way. it also is just as powerful. , and Giratina-an extremely powerful new pokemon can only be seen in pokemon platinum for nintendo ds which was just released on March,22 2009 in english.Right now there isnt much information that can be provided for giratina but there will be more coming soon!.
Dialga Dialga.png
Palkia Palkia.png
Giratina Giratina.png

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