Lenora as depicted in Pokémon Black and White

Lenora (Aloe in the Japanese versions) is the leader of the Nacrene City Pokémon Gym, as well as the Nacrene City Museum director.

As a trainer, Lenora specializes in Normal-type Pokémon and uses her Level 18 Herdier and Level 20 Watchog to battle trainers seeking to earn themselves a Basic Badge. She is also credited with inventing TM67 Retaliate, a move that's base power doubles from 70 to 140 if a Pokémon from the user's party fainted during the previous the turn.

[edit] In the Anime

Lenora first appeared in episode 14 of the Best Wishes series where she was shown to have shut down the Nacrene City Gym temporarily. Later, after Yamask had taken possession over Cilan, she appeared and used her Watchog's Illuminate to reveal Yamask's true identity.

In episode 15 of the Best Wishes series, Ash challenged Lenora to a battle, but ended up losing. Later, in episode 15, he challenged her to a rematch and managed to win himself a Basic Badge.

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