Lum Berry

The Lum Berry is a one time use item just like other berries, obtainable by picking one from where it grows.


The Lum Berry cures all status infections, such as freeze, sleep, poison, paralysis, burn, and confusion. The berry activates when the holder has a status problem. If it is acquired be moves such as Trick or Recycle and the holder is affected by a status the berry will cure it. If the holder is affected by 2 statuses such as Confusion and Burn, the berry will heal both of them.

The Harvest Ability also has an effect on Berries, allowing a berry to be used infinitely by the same Pokémon within one battle. In theory this would make such a Pokémon immune to all status conditions except Attract.

Currently this is a Hidden Ability available to only a few Pokémon that come from the Dream World.

Similar Items

These items also have a similar effect to the Lum Berry:

In addition to curing all status conditions, the Full Restore will also fully restore the HP of the Pokémon that it was used on.

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