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Mars is one of the Team Galatic's Commanders. She is the one with the red hair, and the silver tutu.

Battle 1

First battle with Mars is a simple battle. You first encounter her at the Valley Windworks trying to capture enough energy for her boss. You battle, and she sends out 2 Pokémon:

Zubat lv. 15 (Poison/Flying)

Purugly lv. 17 (Normal)

After she is defeated, the little girl comes reunited with her Papa.

Battle 2

After defeating Saturn, you return to Twinleaf Town. You find that Mars is at Lake Verity. Mars has trained her Pokémon to a much higher level, plus, adding and evolving new Pokémon. This time she has three Pokémon:

Golbat lv. 38 (Poison/Flying)

Bronzor lv. 38 (Steel/Psychic)

Purugly lv. 40 (Normal)

After defeating Mars again, it's time to go to Snowpoint City.

Battle 3

This time is a double battle. Joining Mars in this battle is Jupiter. Here's both of their Pokémon:


Bronzor lv. 44 (Steel/Psychic)

Golbat lv. 44 (Poison/Flying)

Purugly lv 46 (Normal)


Bronzor lv. 44 (Steel/Psychic)

Golbat lv. 44 (Poison/Flying)

Stunktank lv 46 (Poison/Dark)

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