Mauville City

Mauville City
This large city is located in the heart of the Hoenn region, at the crossroads of its nostalgic past and new technology.
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Mauville City is a city that first appeared in the third generation of Pokémon video games (Pokémon Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald). It is east of Verdanturf Town, and north of Slateport City. It is around the center of the whole Hoenn Region. The Pokémon Gym is based on Electric type Pokémon, and has electric doors activated and deactivated by switches, much like the Electric Type Gum in Vermillion City with Lt. Surge, only a lot less complicated. It has a total of four battle-able trainers, not including the Gym Leader, Wattson. Mauville City also contains Hoenn's Game Corner, Rydel's Cycles (where the player gains his/her Bicycle, and a total of two houses, one Pokémon Mart and one Pokémon Center.


Mauville City Gym

Mauville Game Corner

Vending Machine

Rydel's Cycles

Move Tutors

Mauville Food Court

Battle Institute

Inverse Battle Stop

Ritzy Ribbon Retail

PokéMileage Center

Pokémon Reflexology Services

TV Mauville

Poké Mart

Mauville Hills

Apartment 1

Apartment 2

Apartment 3

Apartment 4

Apartment 5

Apartment 6

Apartment 7

Apartment 8

Apartment 9

Apartment 10

Apartment 11

Apartment 12

Apartment 13

Apartment 14

Apartment 15

Apartment 16

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