Maximum HP

A Pokémon's Maximum HP (Hit Points) is how much HP it has when its HP is restored to full, such as after restoring at a Pokémon Center or using an item, such as a Full Restore. This is not to be confused with a move's Maximum PP, which is how many Power Points a single move has after restoring.


[edit] What Is HP And How Is It Used?

Hit Points are what keep your Pokémon healthy. When your Pokémon is hit with a move that inflicts damage, it looses some HP. When all of your Pokémon's HP is gone, your Pokémon faints and is no longer able to battle. However, the Pokémon is still able to use moves from HMs, like Fly or Cut, outside of battle. You can monitor your Pokémon's remaining HP by a bar under their name while in battle, or while viewing your Party from the menu.

[edit] Recovering HP

There are a number of ways to recover HP.

  • If your Pokémon is still able to battle, you can use an item on it to recover HP, such as the Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Max Potion, and Full Restore.
  • You can also use various berries to recover HP as well. Berries are great to have your Pokémon hold, because they will use them automatically in battle. Berries that restore HP are used once your Pokémon's HP dips below half, or the bar turns yellow. Some of these berries, and probably two of the most notable, are the Oran Berry and the Sitrus Berry. Other berries do other things, too, such as restoring status ailments, adjusting move effectiveness, and raising and lowering stats.
  • You can also recover HP by using moves during battle that restore HP to the user. Some of these moves include Recover, Morning Sun, Synthesis, Moonlight, Rest.
  • Some items can be held by Pokémon in battle to restore a little HP each turn. Some of these items include the Leftovers and the Shell Bell.
  • Of course, the easiest way is to take your Pokémon to a Pokémon Center (or other location/person who can heal them) and have your whole party healed at once. It's free, too, so it's a lot more cost effective than using items.

[edit] Recovering From Fainting

There are primary ways that you can recover from fainting.

  • Use An Item: You can use an item, such as a Revive, Max Revive, or Revival Herb to recover one Pokémon from fainting. There are also some items that can recover your whole party of various ailments, but those are extremely rare.
  • Recover At A Pokémon Center: Of course, when you take your Pokémon to a Pokémon center, they all recover from fainting and status ailments, along with having their HP and PP fully restored.

[edit] Raising Your Maximum HP

You can raise your Maximum HP using items, known as Vitamins. There are vitamins to raise every stat, along with raising your Pokémon's level by one and a move's PP. To raise your base Maximum HP stat, the item you will need to use is the HP Up. The HP Up adds 10 HP Effort Values until the Pokémon has 100 HP EVs.

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