Memories are Made of Bliss!


Memories are Made of Bliss is the 191st, as well as the final episode of the Diamond and Pearl series.



In Twinleaf Town, morning arises, with the sun shining in Dawn's bedroom. Dawn's alarm clock goes off, but still feeling tired, she shuts it off. Piplup, who wakes up and realizes that Dawn is still in bed, decides to use his Peck attack on her, waking her up immediately while accidentally knocking Piplup into her sofa. Dawn heads downstairs, greeting her mother Johanna, Brock, and Pikachu, as well as asking where Ash was. Johanna and Brock mentions to Dawn that he's still asleep, so Dawn, Pikachu, and Piplup decides to head to his room to wake him up. Pikachu quietly sneaks into the room and uses Thunderbolt to wake Ash up. Dawn mentions to Ash that breakfast is ready, so he and Pikachu immediately head out of the room and accidentally fall downstairs.

While the group have breakfast, everyone starts to discuss upcoming plans, now that their journey in Sinnoh is coming to a close. Ash hasn't decided which league to complete in next, but he does mention that he wants to spend more time with his Pokemon at home, thanking them for the hard work they've put in during his journey. Ash and Brock learn that they have to be at the port to catch the ferry to Kanto later in the day and invites Dawn to accompany them in that region. Although, Johanna mentions that one of the judges from the Hearthome Collection, wanted to meet with Dawn, in regards to her Buneary. Dawn agrees to meet with her, which leads to Piplup becoming aware that the group will be separating.

Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket are shown to be very tired. After they stop walking, they see a Delibird flying towards them and it delivers a letter, stating for them to contact Team Rocket headquarters immediately. They contact the secretary and she informs them that Giovanni has ordered the trio to return to headquarters for a new mission, exclusively for them. At Team Rocket Headquarters, the secretary gives Giovanni the files of the trio and remarks that they are suited for the mission.

Back with Ash and the group, it's revealed that Buneary was selected to become a Pokemon model and that she and Dawn was to head to Hearthome City. Therefore, she has to decline the offer to travel with Ash and Brock. Hearing this conversation, Piplup becomes angry, realizing that the group will be splitting up soon. He attacks the group using Whirlpool and runs off into a nearby forest. Dawn returns Buneary to her Pokeball and calls out her Togekiss, while Ash calls out his Staraptor and Pikachu, in attempt to look for Piplup.

Pikachu and Staraptor catches up with Piplup, who then, fires off a Hydro Pump, but misses. Piplup continues running until he bumps into Togekiss. After looking at Togekiss, Piplup starts to cry and starts to approach Pikachu, who realizes how much he's going to miss Piplup as well and also starts to cry. Togekiss attempts to comfort them both, but is interrupted by Team Rocket, who catches the three Pokemon. Ash and company appears and manage to free the Pokemon from Team Rocket. They engage in a Pokemon battle, in which Team Rocket is defeated and blasted off.

Dawn walks towards Piplup and mentions how she is aware of his feelings of the group's eventual split and reassures him that this is not the final time they will see them, despite the separation. Piplup understands and the group heads back to the house.

Back at Dawn's house, everyone is watching a battle between Elite Four Member Flint with his Infernape and Elite Four Champion Cynthia with her Garchomp. Ash envisions himself in Flint's shoes, commanding his own Infernape, mentioning how it would be amazing if he had gotten the opportunity to battle Cynthia and becoming a Champion. In the end, Flint loses the battle against Cynthia thus, she retains her title as the Elite Four Champion of Sinnoh. Ash announces that he will continue to train in hopes of winning a league and advance to the Champion League and earn the title of Champion Master. Brock also announces that he will take Nurse Joy's advice in becoming a Pokemon Doctor and that he will no longer travel and instead remain in Pewter City, focusing on his studies. Dawn states that she will continue pursuing her goal of becoming a Top Coordinator. After their discussion, Johanna notifies Ash and Brock about the ferry leaving for Kanto shortly.

Pikachu and Piplup say goodbye.

Ash, Dawn, and Brock arrive at the port and thank each other for the exciting journey they've had together. Ash and Dawn exchange their final high five, as well as Pikachu and Piplup. After saying goodbye, Ash and Brock head on the ferry, on their way to Kanto. As Dawn starts to become saddened as the ferry heads off, Ash yells out 'No need to worry!', which cheers Dawn up. Dawn and Piplup say their final goodbyes. They realize that their joruney with Ash and Brock are at an end, but they remain cheerful and look forward to their own upcoming journeys.

Ash and Brock arrive in Kanto and once again, reach a crossroad that leads to Pallet Town in one direction and Pewter City in the other direction. Ash wishes Brock success in his goal to become a Pokemon Doctor, while Brock wishes Ash success in his goal to become a Pokemon Master. With that, they split and go their separate ways one final time.

Finally, Ash and Pikachu reach the top of a hill, overlooking Pallet Town. Getting excited, they both run in the direction of their home town thus, bringing their Sinnoh journey to a close.

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