Meowth, Colress, and Team Rivalry!


Meowth, Colress, and Team Rivalry! is the 119th episode of the Best Wishes series and a continuation of the N arc.



This episode begins with Ash, Iris, and Cilan wondering of their location and of N's whereabouts. Ash remarks that he's sure that he'll see N again and when he does, Ash mentions that he should continue convincing Anthea and Concordia that humans and Pokemon can coexist along one another.

The group suddenly notices a large structure, where Cilan remarks that it's known as the Dragon Spiral Tower and that they are close to the White Ruins. They decide to head in that direction, while stopping at the Pokemon Center along the way.

Meanwhile, at Team Plasma headquarters, the members report to Aldeth how N had managed to escape once again, when Anthea and Concordia arrived. They also mention that they're unable to track Anthea and Concordia, therefore, it's impossible to locate N if he's with the two ladies. Aldeth interrupts them, stating that N is Team Plasma's biggest threat and that they must locate him, despite the situation. She mentions that Colress' device is complete, so it's crucial to locate N, although Colress corrected her, saying that his experiment is close to completion and he will run one more experiment on his test subject, specifically Haxorus.

Team Rocket and Team Plasma

After their conversation, the Team Plasma members decide to head out to proceed to locate N, but Aldeth stops them, mentioning that they've been followed. She then points to Jessie and James of Team Rocket who's been watching from above. James state that they'll be taking Colress' device, but the Team Plasma members are ready to defend it. One of them calls out his Magnezone to use Sonic Boom and another member calls out his Golbat to use Shadow Ball, but both Jessie and James managed to jump out of the way. Those two decide to escape Team Plasma headquarters. Aldeth and the other members decide to proceed after them, while Colress is left alone in the room.

Meowth suddenly appears from nearby to speak to Colress, who assumed that the Pokemon would be stealing the device and that Jessie and James were used as decoys. Meowth states that he's incorrect, which has Colress interested in what Team Rocket truly desires.

The episode briefly shifts to Ash and the group. Iris and Cilan tries to stop Ash from getting too far ahead. Cilan states that it's fine to be excited, but he suggests that they take a break, as he's shown to be very exhausted. Ash stomach growls, and agrees with Cilan, mentioning that they should eat as well. Therefore, everyone calls out their Pokemon to join them.

Back in Team Plasma's headquarters, Meowth praises Colress for the device he's designed, which pleases the researcher, as he didn't expect a Pokemon to approve of his work. Meowth gets right to the point and starts to explain why he's there. He mentions to Colress that he's very aware that the researcher doesn't have any interest with Team Plasma's ideals and that he only cares about his research. Meowth tells Colress that he'll be able to focus more on his research if he joins Team Rocket. Colress finds the idea interesting and has also taking a liking to Meowth. He asks Meowth to participate as one of his test subjects, and the normal type Pokemon agrees.

Outside of Team Plasma's headquarters, some of their members are giving chase to Team Rocket's, Jessie and James. Aldeth calls out Liepard and another Team Plasma calls out Magnezone to attack Team Rocket, but they successfully avoid all of the attacks. Team Plasma attempts to attack again, but James activates an energy field, trapping the Team Plasma members inside. Jessie and James leave Team Plasma to head back to the headquarters to see Colress.

Ash's Pignite

Back to Ash's group, every is fully relaxed after eating and they are set to continue their trip. As they return all of their Pokemon inside of the Pokeballs, Ash notices Pignite's depression and that he didn't touch his food. Suddenly, Pignite sneezes and small flames come out of his nose. Ash realizes that and commands Pignite to launch a Flamethrower, which confirms that his attack is not as powerful as it usually is. Ash cheers up Pignite, telling him that he'll help figure out a solution.

Meanwhile, in Team Plasma's headquarters, Colress proceeds with the experiment and launches a laser towards Meowth, allowing the researcher to analyze the Pokemon. The results turned out to exceed his expectations. Jessie and James appear to see how the experiment is coming along. They notice that Meowth was able to resist being controlled by Colress' device, which was part of their plan. Unexpectedly, Colress increased the power of his device, eventually taking full control of Meowth, to the dismay of Jessie and James.


Outside of their headquarters, Aldeth and the other Team Plasma members are still trapped inside of the energy field. Aldeth tells the members to stop attacking the field, as it will not accomplish anything. She eventually notices different Pokemon surrounding them and tells her fellow member to command Magnezone to use Super Sonic. As a result, the Pokemon are confused and accidentally destroy the devices that powers the energy field, freeing Team Plasma. They quickly proceed back to their headquarters to help Colress.

Jessie and James praise Colress for completing his device and state how the researcher would benefit by joining Team Rocket. Colress questions Team Rocket on what drives them to take over the world. Jessie and James explained how their mission needs no explanation and that they simply take whatever they can. Aldeth, who finally arrive back at the headquarters, interrupts Team Rocket and state that their organization will never take over the Unova region. Jessie states that Team Rocket will get the last laugh, since they have Colress as part of the team. Colress enters the conversation and mentions that Meowth is now part of Team Plasma, shocking Jessie and James, as they assumed Colress would work with them. He reveals that Team Rocket was correct, in that he was dissatisfied with his current situation with Team Plasma, but not to the degree that he would abandon them. Meowth eventually awakens and is under Team Plasma's control. Aldeth mentions to Meowth that his enemy is Team Rocket.

Genesect Army

Back to Ash's group, everyone is still trying to help Pignite with his Flamethrower issue. Moments later, Axew looks inside Pignite's nose and tells everyone that something is inside of the fire Pokemon's nose. Ash and Iris looks inside and notices as well. Cilan suggests that they come up with a shaking method, so Ash tells Pignite to repeatedly jump and down, in hopes of removing the object trapped inside of his nose.

Meanwhile, N is observing another set of ruins, where Team Plasma used to perform experiments. N discovers that the area was destroyed by the Genesect Army. He states that he must stop Team Plasma from using all Pokemon for their evil deeds.


Back at Team Plasma's headquarters, Meowth attacks Jessie and James using his Fury Swipes. Unexpectedly, his Fury Swipes created a cyclone, as a result of Colress' device. Colress is excited that he managed to increase a Pokemon's battle skill to the limit. Jessie and James call out their Frillish and Amoonguss respectively. Jessie commands Frillish to use Bubble Beam, which Meowth easily negates using his claws. James commands Amoonguss to use Stun Spore, which stuns Meowth, followed by a Body Slam which also lands a hit. Lastly, Jessie tells Frillish to use Psychic to pull Meowth towards them. Now that they got a hold of Meowth, Jessie and James attempt to get him back to normal. Moments later, Meowth snaps out of Colress' mind control, to Team Plasma's surprise. Jessie tells Frillish to use Mist, and she, along with James and Meowth use that opportunity to escape Team Plasma's headquarters.

The episode briefly shifts back to Ash and the group, with their attempts at removing the objects stuck in Pignite's nose. Ash decides to call out Charizard to give Pignite a toss in hopes of removing the objects that way, but is unsuccessful.

Back at the Team Plasma headquarters, the members report to Ghetsis, stating that they've failed to capture N once again. Ghetsis is displeased, although he announces that they've found the location of the Light Stone and the White Ruins and orders everyone to head to the location, in preparations of awakening Reshiram. Team Rocket, elsewhere, becomes aware of the situation and decide to head to the White Ruins as well.

Ash, after getting hit by a Flamethrower

Finally, back to Ash's group, Iris attempts to use a small leaf to wiggle it around Pignite's nose. Suddenly, Pignite lets out a large sneeze, which blows out the objects that were in his nose. Cilan remarks that the objects are shells from a Bullet Seed, and everyone recalls when Pansage used Bullet Seed, which clashed with Magnezone's Magnet Bomb from the previous episode, knocking out Pignite. The seeds went into Pignite's nose at some point. The episode ends, with Ash commanding Pignite to use Flamethrower to make sure his power has recovered, which was the case.

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