Minigames (Pinball: R&S)

Kecleon Mini Game:

The Kecleon bonus level can only be entered while playing on the Ruby field. Your objective is to hit the wild Kecleon as many times as you can before the time runs out (2 minutes). But hitting him is not going to be so easy. Kecleon will turn invisible from time to time, making it hard to know where he's at. One way of finding out where he is, is by just hitting the ball to random places, hoping to hit him. Another way to try and see him is by hitting the tree at the top of the field to drop a Silph Scope. Run the ball over this item and you will be able to see Kecleon for a small amount of time. Once the time runs out, Kecleon will surrender and you will be prized with 30,000,000 points for succeeding this bonus level.

Duskull Mini Game:

The Duskull bonus level can only be entered while playing on the Sapphire field. Your objective is to hit any Duskulls that appear on the field that your playing at. You will have 2 minutes to hit around 30 of them. Once you hit one, it disappears and you can try to go for the other ones. When you have finally defeated all the Duskull, then a giant Dusclops should appear. You must hit him 5 times within 2 minutes to win the mini game. Try aiming for his back, as hitting the front of Dusclops will result in Dusclops taking your ball and throwing it back, not causing any damage towards him. As soon as you defeat the Dusclops, you will recieve 30,000,000 points for winning this bonus level.

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