Mission: Defeat Your Rival!


Mission: Defeat Your Rival! is the 104th episode of the Best Wishes series, and is a continuation of the Unova League.



Ash and Trip continue their battle, with Serperior landing a direct hit on Pikachu. With Pikachu on the ground, Ash repeatedly calls out to Pikachu to stand up. Pikachu, very weak, slowly manages to barely stand up. Trip takes the opportunity and commands Serperior to use Energy Ball, which lands a hit on Pikachu. He attempts to follow up with Dragon Tail, but Pikachu successfully dodges it, so Serperior continues using multiple Dragon Tails, until it eventually lands a hit on Pikachu, knocking him down once more. Trip quickly follows up with Wrap, successfully clutching Pikachu.

With Ash panicking, orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Before Pikachu lets out his attack, Trip quickly commands Serperior to strike his Tail into the ground, allowing the electricity to simply pass through him and into the ground, rendering the Thunderbolt useless. Trip, then commands Serperior to tighten his hold on Pikachu, suffocating him. Ash, feeling helpless, realizes he needs to come up with a plan quickly, in order to come out with the victory.

Meanwhile, Bianca is shown with her Emboar battling and defeating her opponent's Watchog, advancing to the next round. Virgil is shown with his Vaporeon, defeating his opponent's Crustle, also advancing to the next round. Finally, Cameron and his Ferrothorn are shown battling and defeating Eelektross, advancing to the next round as well. These 3 rivals, as well as Stephan immediately head to the stadium where Ash's battle is currently taking place to cheer him on.

Pikachu struggles to free himself from Serperior.

Shifting back to Ash and Trip's battle, Pikachu is still within Serperior's clutch and Ash is struggling to come up with a plan to free him. Trip attempts to finish the match by commanding Serperior to slam Pikachu on the ground, but Ash realizes that Pikachu's tail is still free from Serperior's grasp, therefore he commands Pikachu to use Iron Tail, successfully breaking free from Serperior. Ash follows up with another Iron Tail, while Trip attempts to counter with Dragon Tail, ending in his favor, although Pikachu quickly stands up. Trip, once more, tries to finish the match with a Dragon Tail, but Ash, realizing he needs to do something different to counter the attack, commands Pikachu to combine his Iron Tail and Electro Ball. Both attacks collide, causing an explosion. Once the smoke cleared, Pikachu is shown managing to stand up, while Serperior is shown unable to battle. Trip is eliminated while Ash is declared the winner of his preliminary round and advances to the main rounds.

After the match, Ash is shown inside of the Pokemon Center and runs into Trip, who's preparing to leaving the city. They exchange their final words, both agreeing to work hard to become stronger trainers, and their rivalry comes to an end. Afterwards, Ash and his friends rest for the remainder of the day to prepare for the main rounds the following day.

Cameron and Bianca match-up in the first round.

The next day has arrived and the main rounds are finally set to begin. The first round consists of trainers using only two Pokemon. The match-ups are revealed and Cameron and Bianca are pitted up against each other for the first match.

Cameron calls out his Samurott while Bianca calls out her Escavalier. Cameron starts off the battle by commanding Samurott to use Hydro Cannon, but Bianca's Escavalier successfully dodges. Bianca commands Escavalier to use Iron Defense, which raises it's defense power, while successfully dodging another Hydro Cannon by Samurott. She commands to use Iron Defense again, while Cameron commands Samurott to use Razor Shell, and misses. Bianca, once more, uses Iron Defense, which causes Ash and his friends to worry that she's not being offensive in the battle. Finally, Bianca commands her Escavalier to use its Fury attack, while Samurott counters with Razor Shell to knock it away from him. Cameron follows up by commanding multiple Razor Shells. It seems to be ineffective at first, but Escavalier faints moments later, leaving Bianca down to just one Pokemon.

Bianca calls out her Emboar, despite being at a type disadvantage against Samurott. Cameron immediately commands Samurott to use Aqua Jet, landing a hit on Emboar. He successfully follows up with Hydro Cannon, also landing a hit, weakening Emboar. Bianca surprises everyone, by commanding Emboar to use Attract, infatuating Samurott. She follows up with Arm Thrust, and Hammer Arm immediately after, knocking out Samurott and leaving Cameron down to his last Pokemon.

Bianca's Emboar against Cameron's Riolu

Cammeron chooses Riolu as his second Pokemon and immediately starts their final battle. Bianca commands Emboar to use Arm Thrust, but Riolu successfully dodges. She follows up with Hammer Arm, only for Riolu to counter with Circle Throw, tossing Emboar to the ground. As Emboar stands up, Cameron commands Riolu to use multiple Force Palms, knocking Emboar back to the ground. As Riolu walk towards Emboar, he gets grabbed by him and is tossed away. Bianca, then commands Emboar to use Flamethrower, but is dodged once more by Riolu. Riolu counters with Copycat, allowing him to perform a move that was last used in battle, which was Flamethrower, and strikes Emboar in his eyes. Cameron finishes the match by commanding Riolu to use Vacuum Wave, knocking out Emboar, eliminating Bianca from the Unova League.

Ash and his remaining rivals.

The episode ends with Cameron advancing to the next round, while Ash and his other rivals prepare for their respective matches.

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