Mt. Battle

Mt. Battle
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Mt. Battle is a training area found in the Orre region. It is placed directly in the middle of the giant wasteland, and scales high into the clouds. Despite its name, Mt. Battle is actually a giant volcano, and Zone 100 sits atop this volcano.

Before it became a training challenge, Mt. Battle was just a giant mountain in the middle of the region. However, one worker helped build all of the Zones surrounding and inside the mountain, and trainers flooded in from all over the region to challenge the one-hundred obstacles who stood in their way of victory.


Even starting from Zone 1, the platforms are already high above the ground. Each platform is connected by either a short bridge or a short flight of stairs, providing a workout for any trainer climbing up (a trainer in the higher zones mentions he runs up to his Zone every day for exercise). Starting from Area 4, the entire run is inside the volcano until Area 7, where it starts scaling the outside of the mountain once more.

When Zone 100 is reached, the player is standing atop the very top of the volcano, on a platform that is just above a fiery pit of lava. This is the only abnormal zone, as it is giant, and it is connected to Zone 99 via a giant flight of stairs. There is also a large metal bridge connecting those stairs and the zone itself. There are places for spectators to sit up in Zone 100.


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