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English Name Multiscale
Japanese Name マルチスケイル
Flavour Text
Generation V Reduces damage when HP is full.
Generation VI Reduces damage the Pokémon takes when its HP is full.
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Introduced In Generation V
How Many Pokémon Have This 2

Multiscale is an Ability introduced in Generation V. Currently, two Pokémon have this Ability, and both get it as a Hidden Ability.




A Pokémon with Multiscale will have damage taken from attacks reduced by 50% if it's at Maximum HP as of the attack. This does not include entry hazards or any other form of residual damage (weather, status, etc.).


Multiscale doesn't have an effect in the Overworld.

Pokémon With Multiscale

Normal Ability


Hidden Ability

Number Pokémon Name Type Abilities Hidden Ability Base Stats
HP Att Def Sp. Att Sp. Def Spd
149 149 Mini Sprite.png Dragonite Dragon.gifFlying.gif Inner Focus Multiscale 91 134 95 100 100 80
249 249 Mini Sprite.png Lugia Psychic.gifFlying.gif Pressure Multiscale 106 90 130 90 154 110

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