Nacrene City

Nacrene City
Nacrene City
Japanese Name
シッポウシティ Shippou City
Easterly Exit
Westerly Exit

Nacrene City is a small-ish old fashioned city. It is the location of the second gym through game play, the gym is led by Lenora. It places between Route 3 and Pinwheel Forest. It has many old warehouses which people re-use i.e-thier own shops, homes etc. Old railway lines go through some parts of the city. This city contains various of places that you can visit such as a Museum, a Café, the Pokémon Gym which was mentioned before, a battle item shop, Loblolly's studio and Dye's house.

Pokemon Gym

Nacrene Citys gym is led by Lenora, this gym specialises with Normal type Pokemon. It is downstairs from the libary. To reach the gym leader the player must answer many questions in a libary which is in another room of the Museum. If the player defeats the leader they will recieve the Basic Badge and TM67, Retaliate


The Museum is full of items and fossils from the past, including a Dragonite skeleton. There is two stones called the Dark Stone and the Light Stone the player may recevie one depending on the game version. At the entry, a staff member will revive a fossilised Pokemon. There are also some metorites which can be used to change Deoxys's Forme. There is a door that leads to the libary and to the Citys gym.


The café building is an old warehouse which is close to the museum. Players may recieve free Soda Pop on Wednesdays.

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