Nando is a character from the Pokémon anime. First appearing in Dawn of a New Era in Season 10, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Nando is a traveling bard. He continuously questioned whether to become a trainer or a coordinator before deciding to battle both Ash and Dawn in order to choose the correct path.

Nando always carries a Golden harp in the shape of a Mew which he uses to sing poems and ease tension.

Nando competes in both the Grand Festival and the Lily of the Valley Conference, winning neither. He stays determined to continue on this travels and furthering his goals.


Nando seems to prefer Pokemon that share his ability to create music. They are seen on-screen joining him as he plays his harp.

Nando is seen battling both Ash and Dawn with a Budew which quickly evolves into a Roselia in Nando's debut episode, Dawn of a New Era. It later evolves into a Roserade off-screen.

Kricketune made its debut in Dawn's Early Night alongside Nando in Hearthome City; Nando later uses his Kricketune in a Pokémon Contest. Armaldo first appeared as a member of Nando's team in League Unleashed!, during the Sinnoh League.

Nando's Pokemon have both teamed up with and battled one-on-one in Pokémon contests.


  • It is unknown what connection, if any, Nando has to the Pokemon Mew.
  • Nando's accent would suggest he comes from a foreign region.
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