Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City is a city north of Route 4 and the Desert Resort. West is Route 5, east is Route 16. It's the second biggest city in Unova, second only to Castelia City. It's interesting to note that Castelia serves as the buisness center in Unova, Nimbasa is the opposite, being full of fun games and stuff to do.


The Two Stadiums

There are two stadiums in Nimbasa City, the Big Court and the Small Court. The Big Court hosts baseball soccer and football, while the Small Court hosts tennis and basketball.
More information about the Big Court.
More information about the Small Court.

Gear Station

Gear Station is closely related to the Battle Subway, due to it being inside Gear Station.

Battle Institute

The Battle Institute is a place where you take 5 battles with no breaks, except for when your Pokémon are healed. Then, you are given a score based on your performance.

Musical Theater

You dress up Pokémon and they dance.

LS: This is not nearly complete. I'll keep on working on this.

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