Old Chateau

The Old Chateau (In Japanese もりのようかん which means Forest Manor) is located at the exit of Eterna Forest. It is blocked by trees that you must use cut on. Inside of the abandoned manor there is several rooms of which contain Pokemon. Upsatairs in one of the bedrooms there is a Televison. If you intteract with the TV during night time you can get a Rotom (Only after you get the national dex in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. You will need the HM01 Cut to get to the mansion wich to use it you will need the forest badge found after beating the Gym leader of Eterna City

Outside view of the Old Chateau

There's a special item you can find only in the Old Chateau called the Old Gateau which is found in the lower flower of the mansion. The first anime episode that the Old Chateau was in is called Get Your Rotom Running! and it does show the Old Gateau being made at one point. The episode is mainly about Ash and his friends finding out that there are tours inside the Old Chateau and that they have Old Gateau samples there, so they decide to get the recipe on how to make it. When they get inside they tour the place, but don't realize that a wild Rotom from inside the place is stalking them. They soon realize that it's following them when they're in the kitchen making Old Gateau. Ash later battles it and wins using his Pikachu. The difference from the anime and the game is that the Old Chateau is located near Canalave City instead of Eterna City. The theroey that the Eterna Gym leader Gardenia thinks that the place is haunted seems to be true for when you enter the Old Chateau you can see two ghosts in two different places. The first "ghost" is the butler who is seen in the kitchen, but when you walk up to him he walks/floats away. The second "ghost" that Gardenia might've seen was the little girl who appears in one of the bedrooms as you see her when she walks/floats away when you try to contact here somehow. The first room you will see/enter is the foyer which has two sets of stair ways that lead up to the hallway. The two rooms on the side of the entrance are library rooms, and the room in the front of the foyer when you first walk in is the kitchen which has a long wooden table that takes up most of the space. In the hallway are four bed rooms on the upper level of the place and they are all a little unique from each other. One of them on the right has a picture that has glowing eyes and whenever you walk up to it the glow fades out, in this room you can catch Gengar if you have a GBA game and you insert it into the lower part of your DS (If you have a DS lite or a regular DS that is), it has an encounter rate of 4%. In another room on the upper level of the mansion has a TV that contains Rotom and you may only catch it between the hours of 8:00PM-4:00AM. Overall the Old Chateau is a place you might want to visit whether you want to catch Rotom or get the secret recipe on the Old Gateau all though it is probably not so much a required place to visit.


Pokémon Level Rate Games
Gastly 26, 28 100% D P Pt

GBA Exclusives

Room with Painting
Pokémon Level Rate Games
Gengar 26, 28 4% D P Pt

Interactiable (Night Only)

Pokémon Level Rate Games
Rotom 20 100% D P Pt


  • Ether
  • Honey (Hidden Item)
  • Dread Plate (Hidden Item)
  • TM90 (Substitute)
  • Antidote
  • Old Gateau
  • Big Pearl
  • Rare Candy
  • Insect Plate (Hidden Item)

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