Oldale Town

Oldale Town
A town where the contrast between colorful flowers and deep, verdant forests is most beautiful.
Route 103
Route 102 Oldale Town
Route 101

Oldale Town is located in Hoenn. It is North of Route 101, South of Route 103, and East of route 102.

In the Pokémon games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, there is a Poké Mart, a Pokémon Center, and two small houses.

In the start of the game, your rival will be waiting north of town (Route 103) to battle. Until you battle him/her, there will be the "tracker scientist", who claims he has found a rare Pokémon foot print, and will not let you pass to the route West of town (Route 102). Later he will be embarrassed and say that the "rare Pokémon foot print" turned out to be his own...

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