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The Orre region appeared in the Generation III games Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. This region, for the most part, is made up of desert. In Pokémon Colosseum, the Orre does not have any wild Pokémon, however in Pokemon XD, there are locations called Poké Spots in which if you leave Poké Snacks, wild Pokémon may appear. The Orre is also home to Cipher and Team Snagem, both being criminal organizations. The Orre region does not have a Pokémon league.

Locations in Orre


Gateon Port

A seaside city located in Northwestern Orre. It is a huge port, which explains why most of the population here consists of Sailors. Gateon Port is home to Club Krabby, and a tall lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor. There is also a Pokémon Center and Pokémart located here. Mr. Verich often visits this area.

This area also contains the Machine Parts shop, which is where Makan and Perr are located. This shop helps the player twice throughout the events of Pokémon XD; they upgrade the player's scooter and they power up the Robo Kyogre so the player can reach Citadark Isle.

Pyrite Town

A rather dirty town in southwest Orre that is known for it's dark atmosphere. Pyrite town is covered in trash, and old, rusty metal boxes, which it what gives it a sinister look. It is the home of the Police department, the Pyrite Colosseum, the ONBS station, and during Pokémon Colosseum, Miror B.'s Hideout. This is also where Duking resides.

Pyrite Colossuem

The Pyrite Colosseum is the northernmost building in Pyrite Town. It is the only building that lies past the big chasm, and it resembles a dome. In Pokémon Colosseum, Miror B. would give out Shadow Pokémon to those people that won all four rounds at the Colosseum.

The Under

An underground city also located in southwest Orre, just under Pyrite Town. It can be accessed though a mine shaft, the elevator in Miror B.'s hideput, or through the Subway, which runs from the Shadow Pokémon Lab. Half of this city is separated by a big chasm, similar to the one in Pyrite. It can be crossed, however, through the use of the UFO and the F, L, R, U, and D-Disk. This city is, for the most part, completely on the side of Cipher, other than the members of the Kid's Grid, a group of kids helping to take them down.

Although this city is only accessible in Pokémon Colosseum, when you talk to the old man looking into the chasm in Pyrite, he claims that it was buried within the past five years.

Under Colossueum

The Under Colosseum is located in the under across the big chasm. The F-Disk is need to get here by the UFO. This Colosseum is also a Pokémon Center and the mine shaft that lets you enter/exit the Under.

Deep Colossuem

The Deep Colosseum is at the bottom of the Chasm that divides Pyrite and the Under. It is only possible to get there through the use of a D-Disk. It contains the some of the strongest trainers in the game, including Deep King Agnol, who has a Shadow Shuckle.

Agate Village

Agate Village is a forest area in Orre resembling an oasis in a desert, located in the north-central part of Orre. This village contains the Relic that can purify Shadow Pokémon, that is also used to honor Celebi. Most of the people that live here are elders, though there are younger people that are here.

Agate Village also has the only Pokémon Center in both games that sells cologne for massaging Pokémon.

Phenac City

Phenac City is a small city that is built around an oasis. All of the buildings in this city are built out of stone. The main attractions of this city are the Pre-Gym, and the Phenac Colosseum.

In Pokémon XD, Cipher kidnaps all of the citizens of Phenac, and stores them in the basement of the pre-gym. All of the Cipher Peons then take the places of the citizens


The Pre-Gym (Prestige Precept Center) is a gym that is led by Justy. Upon battling all of the trainers in the gym including Justy, you are awarded with TM 27.

Phenac Colosseum

The Phenac Colosseum is located at the northernmost part of Phenac. It is located in both games, however, there is no Colosseum challenge in the Pokémon XD.

Pokémon HQ Lab

The Pokémon HQ Lab is located in the far-northwest part of the region. This is where the story begins in Pokémon XD, and where the player, Jovi, Lily, and Professor Krane reside. The Purify Chamber, a place where you can purify up to 9 Pokémon at a time and the only place where you can purify Shadow Lugia, is also located here.

Before going to Citadark Isle, you can return here where Professor Krane will give you a Master Ball.

Kaminko's House

Kaminko's House is located southeast of the Pokémon HQ lab, and east of Gateon Port. It is the home of Dr. Kaminko and Chobin, his assistant. This area itself is very dark, because of the thick clouds in the sky, and because of all of the bare trees without leaves. There is also a Groudon statue outside of the house. Jovi often visits here.

Realgam Tower

The Realgam Tower is located in the middle of the desert, the a southern area of the Orre Region. In Pokémon XD, it is used mainly as an entertainment center, with Battle Sims, Battle Bingo, and a Colosseum. However, in Pokémon Colosseum, it was built over a very long period of time by Cipher, and was used a base. At the beginning of the game, the place where the Realgam Tower is located was simply known as "Constuction Lot".

Realgam Colosseum

The Realgam Colosseum is located at the top of the Realgam Tower. In Pokémon Colosseum, the first time you enter the Colosseum, you are made to fight four trainers, all with Shadow Pokémon. After this, you are challenged by Nascour, and then Evice.

Shadow Pokémon Lab

The Shadow Pokémon Lab is relatively new area, located directly in the middle of the Orre region. In Pokémon Colosseum, this is the area in which Ein turns the snagged Pokémon into Shadow Pokémon. There are many Cipher Peons in the lab, and the majority of them have Shadow Pokémon. The Under subway comes to the basement of the Shadow Pokémon Lab, where it takes Shadow Pokémon to the Under for distribution.

The Shadow Pokémon lab makes a return in Pokémon XD, where it is led by Lovrina. It is guarded by the Hexagon Brothers in this game.

Cipher Key Lair

The Cipher Key Lair is a pyramid-shaped factory located in the northeast of the Orre region. This factory is used to mass produce Shadow Pokémon until it is stopped by the played in Pokémon XD. This area is looked over by Cipher Admin Gorigan.

Mt. Battle

Mt. Battle is an area in Pokémon Colosseum and XD where the player could go to partake in a 100-trainer challenge. It is split up into Zones, each containing 10 trainers. In Pokémon Colosseum, after defeating all 100 trainers in battle mode, Ho-oh can be obtained. In Pokémon XD, you can get one of the Johto Starters.

Snagem Hideout

The Snagem Hideout is where the criminal organization, Team Snagem, is located. The Snagem hideout is in the northeastern part of Orre, in an area known as Eclo Canyon.

Citadark Isle

Citadark Isle is the main base of Cipher in Pokémon XD. This location is not on the map, and it can only be reached through the use of the powered-up Robo Kyogre off the coast of Gateon Port. This island contains almost half of all of the Shadow Pokémon in the game. This is also where you battle Grand Master Greevil, the head of Cipher.

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