Outskirt Stand

The Outskirt Stand is a location in the southeast part of Orre. This is the first location Wes visits after destroying the Snagem Hideout in Eclo Canyon in Pokemon Colosseum.


The Outskirt Stand takes on the appearance of a broken down train that seems to still have a working engine, as indicated by the engine providing power for the stand. The Outskirt Stand acts as a shop and in Pokemon Colosseum it is the only location at which Wes can buy PokeBalls. The stand is also a diner, which can be seen by the tables and customers sitting down inside.

The inside of the stand features a bar in the front (which is where you can buy items), a TV across from the bar, a jukebox in the back, and three booths with customers. The people that come to the Outskirt Stand are generally travelers that have grown tired and need to stop and take a break.

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