PP Up is a Statistic-Boosting item found in various Pokémon games. It increases the Maximum Power Points of one of a Pokémon's attacks, and also increases the Happiness of the Pokémon that it is used on as a side-effect.

[edit] Locations

PP Up isn't sold in any of the Poké Marts, which is consistant across all five generations with the exception of the Pokéathlon Dome in Heart Gold and Soul Silver at 1000 Points on Tuesday and 500 Points on Thursday.

The only way to get PP Up in the first two generations of games is to find it by opening an Item Ball or by using the Itemfinder.

In addition to the locations in the game's Overworld, PP Up can also be found by way of the Pickup Ability. The Level of the Pokémon with the Pickup Ability doesn't matter in most Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green. PP Up won't start appearing until the Pokémon that has the Pickup Ability is at least Level 81 in Emerald, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black and White with a slightly better chance of Pickup yielding a PP Up starting at Level 91.

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