Paul is Ash's Rival in Pokemon anime. He wears a purple jacket with black sleeves over a murky green top. He has gray-ish trousers and purple shoes. The first episode that featured Paul was at the end of Two Degrees of Separation. His full introduction was in When Pokemon Worlds Collide. Paul seems to have a bit of a temper.


All Paul is concerned in with his Pokemon is their strength. He does not care about their feelings or happiness. Something in the anime that proves this is when he abandoned his Chimchar(now Ash's Infernape) at the end of Glory Blaze as he does not like weak Pokemon. He does have a habit of releasing them if they are 'Un-Trainable' and do not meet his very high and almost impossible expectations. Paul feels that if he bonds with Pokemon they will turn into slackers. He will always look to see what moves his newly caught Pokemon will learn so that he can train harshly until they know that move. Since Ash is so compassionate towards his Pokemon, Paul will often get into an argument when talking with Ash.

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