Pewter City

Pewter City
A quiet city nestled between rugged mountains and rocks.
Pewter City Route 3
Route 2

Pewter City is a city, which was first seen in Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow, and also featured in the remakes, Pokémon Firered and Leafgreen. It also features in Pokémon Silver, Gold and Crystal.

It contains 2 houses, a Pokémon Center, a Pokémon Mart, Brock's Gym and the Pewter Museum. Also, once one of the player's Pokémon can use the move Cut, the player can then access the back of Pewter Museum and receive the Old Amber.

It is shortly north of Viridian Forest, and is west of Mt. Moon.

The quote from the board in the first generation of Pokémon games: "PEWTER CITY A Stone Gray City".

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