Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!


Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! is the 86th episode of the Best Wishes series.



Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Cynthia are on a plane that's bound for Undella Town in Eastern Unova. While on the plane, the group notices Pokemon that are from other regions, such as Wailord and Wingull. Cynthia mentions that many Pokemon from other regions can be found in Eastern Unova.

As they land in Undella Town, Ash runs off, as he believed to have gotten a glimpse of Staryu. He runs near the water, and discovered that he was correct. Iris, Cilan, and Cynthia eventually catches up to Ash. Nearby, Meloetta suddenly appears and begins following the group, while invisible. Ash becomes excited as he can't wait to complete in the Junior Cup and use that as a warm up for the Unova League. Cilan mentions that the winner of that tournament will get the opportunity to battle Unova's Elite Four Champion, Alder.

Suddenly, Cynthia's butler arrived to lead the group to the car, taking them to Cynthia's vacation home. Nearby, Team Rocket observes the group and decides to follow them to eventually kidnap Meloetta. While the group makes their way towards the home, Meloetta finally appears, to everyone's surprise, and sits on Ash's lap. Moments later, everyone arrived at the vacation home and Cynthia's butler escorts them inside, although Meloetta suddenly vanishes again. Ash and Iris asks Meloetta to come back out, but she doesn't reappear. Cynthia notices that Meloetta is extremely shy, but believes she'll eventually show up.

Ash runs into the living room and someone sneaks up behind him. He turns around and is surprised to see that it's Dawn and her Pokemon, Piplup, who he's been traveling with throughout the Sinnoh region. Ash and Dawn exchange greetings before rejoining Iris and Cilan, who Ash introduces Dawn to. Both Iris and Cilan are eager to know what a Pokemon Coordinator does, which Dawn explains that they present their Pokemon in the best way possible. Iris also has taken a liking to Piplup, who becomes uncomfortable due to Iris being to rough.

Dawn mentions that she heard that Cynthia would be attending the Junior Cup, so she decided to head to the Unova region to pay her a visit. She mentions that she saw a Pokemon musical along the way and that allowed her to come up with fresh ideas for future Pokemon Contests.

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