Poison (Status Condition)

Being poisoned is a status condition that reduces the Pokémon HP by 1/16 while in battle, and reduces the afflicted Pokémon's HP by one every few steps, which is signified by a sudden flashing of the screen and a sound affect.

Badly Poisoned

Being badly poisoned means that your Pokémon will take an additional 1/16 damage every turn while it is in battle. For example, the first turn it will do 1/16, second it will do 1/8, third it will do 3/16, fourth it will do 1/4, and so on. In Generation I, switching the badly poisoned Pokemon would change the affliction to normal poison, but this was removed in Generation II. This does NOT add to the healing done by Poison Heal, however.

Moves that can induce poison

*Badly poisons
**One layer poisons, two badly poisons

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