The Pokemart has been around ever since Red, Blue and Green. The Pokemart has been in most town and cities, and has helped a lot of trainers with a variety of items. Some Pokemarts are different to theirs with different items, such as Pokeballs.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, there's a selection of items. One popular item is the Pokeball, used to catch pokemon. You can buy a Pokeball for $200. You can also buy the Great Ball and Ultra Ball under certain conditions. You can buy the Great Ball for $600, and the Ultra Ball for $1200.

Another regular in the Pokemart is the Potion, which is well known for healing your pokemon. You can buy a potion for $300. You can also buy the Super Potion, Hyper Potion and Max Potion. Super Potion only costs $700, Hyper Potion costs $1200, and Max Potion costs $2500. Also an item that fits under this catergory is the Full Restore, which only costs $3000.

A group of items that are useful in battles are the status healing items. There's Antidotes, Parlyz Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, Ice Heal and Full Heal. These items cost from a range from $100 to $600.

Another group of items are the Repels, which helps you with getting out of Wild Pokemon, and other things. You can buy Repels for the cheap price of $350. You can also buy Super Repels and Max Repels. You can buy a Super Repels for $500, and you can buy a Max Repel for $700.

There is also another person there that will sell you different Mail and different types of Pokeballs. The different types of mail and pokeballs depend on the different town or city.

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