Pokémon! I Choose You!

Pokémon! I Choose You!
Pokémon! I Choose You!
(ポケモン! きみにきめた!)
Japenese Release Date
April 1, 1997
English Release Date
September 8, 1998



This is the Pilot Episode of the Pokémon Anime. It first takes place when Ash is getting excited to get his new Pokémon the next day. He has 3 dreams. One starting with Charmander. One with Squirtle, and Bulbasaur too. Ash wakes up, and he has woken up late. He runs down to Professor Oak's lab in his pajamas. He meets his Rival Gary at the lab. Gary mentions he got his first Pokémon, but he never mentions what it is. Gary acts like a snob, and he has a group of "Cheerleaders" with him, to cheer him on. Ash goes into Professor Oak's lab expecting to get a Pokémon, and he finds out all 3 have been taken. The only Pokémon Professor Oak has left, is a stubborn Pikachu. Pikachu shocks Ash with a jolt of electricity. Eager to start his journey, Ash takes the Pikachu. It does not like him at all at first. Pikachu absolutely hates him, for whatever reason. This is a different Pikachu. It doesn't like to be inside its Poké Ball. Professor Oak tells him this. When Ash is leaving the lab, there is a group of people standing outside. One being his mom. His mom has a backpack full of stuff, and embarrasses him by telling him to make sure he changes his underwear.

Ash then leaves the Lab and in the nearby wild encounters a Pidgey. He fails in his attempt to catch it as Pikachu refuses to help him battle it. Ash, out of desperation throws a rock at a Spearow, which angrily calls a large group of nearby Spearow's to chase Ash. Ash and Pikachu run from the flock of Spearow until eventually diving into a lake and swimming to the other side, interrupting a girl called Misty who is fishing there. Pikachu is hurt and needs to get to a Pokemon Centre, so Ash takes Misty's bike and cycles with Pikachu as far as he can, still being chased by the flock of Spearow. Ash then bravely stops cycling and stands up to the angry group of Spearow to defend Pikachu. Pikachu realizes what Ash is doing for him, and jumps in at the last moment to electrocute the massive flock of birds about to hit Ash.

After this Ash sees a mystical Pokémon glitter in the sky. This hinted to a Pokémon who wasn't known in existence at the time, but was revealed to be Ho-oh in the episode For Ho-oh the Bells Toll.


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