Pokémon Fossil (TCG Pack)

Pokémon Fossil
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48 JPN
62 ENG
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Pokémon Fossil (化石の秘密), also known as the Fossil Set is the third set of trading cards in the official Pokémon Trading Card Game, and the second expansion of the TCG. It was released in Japan on June 21, 1997, and like the previous two sets before it, the Fossil Set would not be released in the United States for almost two years, being released on October 10, 1999.

The Fossil Set completed the full roster of 150 Pokémon from Generation I, excluding Mew, which was released in various promotions. This set is based upon Pokémon that would live in prehistoric times, including several Legendary Pokémon and any remaining Pokémon evolutions that were absent in the previous two sets.

Themed Decks

English Theme


Fossil Set
No. Name Type Rarity
1/62 Aerodactyl FightingTCG.png RareHolo.png
2/62 Articuno WaterTCG.png RareHolo.png
3/62 Ditto ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
4/62 Dragonite ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
5/62 Gengar PsychicTCG.png RareHolo.png
6/62 Haunter PsychicTCG.png RareHolo.png
7/62 Hitmonlee FightingTCG.png RareHolo.png
8/62 Hypno PsychicTCG.png RareHolo.png
9/62 Kabutops FightingTCG.png RareHolo.png
10/62 Lapras WaterTCG.png RareHolo.png
11/62 Magneton LightningTCG.png RareHolo.png
12/62 Moltres FireTCG.png RareHolo.png
13/62 Muk GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
14/62 Raichu LightningTCG.png RareHolo.png
15/62 Zapdos LightningTCG.png RareHolo.png
16/62 Aerodactyl FightingTCG.png Rare.png
17/62 Articuno WaterTCG.png Rare.png
18/62 Ditto ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
19/62 Dragonite ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
20/62 Gengar PsychicTCG.png Rare.png
21/62 Haunter PsychicTCG.png Rare.png
22/62 Hitmonlee FightingTCG.png Rare.png
23/62 Hypno PsychicTCG.png Rare.png
24/62 Kabutops FightingTCG.png Rare.png
25/62 Lapras WaterTCG.png Rare.png
26/62 Magneton LightningTCG.png Rare.png
27/62 Moltres FireTCG.png Rare.png
28/62 Muk GrassTCG.png Rare.png
29/62 Raichu LightningTCG.png Rare.png
30/62 Zapdos LightningTCG.png Rare.png
31/62 Arbok GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
32/62 Cloyster WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
33/62 Gastly PsychicTCG.png Uncommon.png
34/62 Golbat GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
35/62 Golduck WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
36/62 Golem FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
37/62 Graveler FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
38/62 Kingler WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
39/62 Magmar FireTCG.png Uncommon.png
40/62 Omastar WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
41/62 Sandslash FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
42/62 Seadra WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
43/62 Slowbro WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
44/62 Tentacruel WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
45/62 Weezing GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
46/62 Ekans GrassTCG.png Common.png
47/62 Geodude FightingTCG.png Common.png
48/62 Grimer GrassTCG.png Common.png
49/62 Horsea WaterTCG.png Common.png
50/62 Kabuto FightingTCG.png Common.png
51/62 Krabby WaterTCG.png Common.png
52/62 Omanyte WaterTCG.png Common.png
53/62 Psyduck WaterTCG.png Common.png
54/62 Shellder WaterTCG.png Common.png
55/62 Slowpoke PsychicTCG.png Common.png
56/62 Tentacool WaterTCG.png Common.png
57/62 Zubat GrassTCG.png Common.png
58/62 Mr. Fuji 15px Uncommon.png
59/62 Energy Search 15px Common.png
60/62 Gambler 15px Common.png
61/62 Recycle 15px Common.png
62/62 Mysterious Fossil 15px Common.png
Expansion Pack
No. Name Type Rarity
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