Pokémon Heart Gold

Pokemon Heart Gold
Pokemon Heart Gold - English boxart
Pokemon Heart Gold boxart
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date(s) JP: September 12, 2009
NA: March 14, 2010
EU: March 26, 2010
AUS: March 25, 2010
Ratings 3+
Players 4
Compatible with Gen III
Gen IV
Paired with: Pokémon Soul Silver
Succeeded by: Pokémon Black
Pokémon White

Pokémon Heart Gold is a remake of Pokémon Gold. The game will contain all of the Pokemon from the original game, in addition to Pokemon from generations three and four, to extend the Pokedex to 493 Pokemon.


[edit] Plot Synopsis

Heart Gold re-tells the story of a young boy who grew up in the Johto region, who's aim is to to become a Pokemon Master and take on Pokemon challenges until he can reach Kanto region. Beginning from New Bark Town, the player will have to catch, raise, and battle a team of Pokemon in order to collect the region's 8 badges for a shot at the Pokemon League finals. Along the way, numerous of legendary Pokemon will make appearances, and the player will be forced to deal with the maniacal Team Rocket and their leader, the powerful Giovanni, a quirky professor, and a hotheaded rival, whose every move is aimed at taking the hero down in his journey to be the number one Pokemon trainer.

[edit] Features

Example of a Pokemon following the trainer
  • A single Pokemon can be set to follow the player (as they did in Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition). It must be in the first slot of your party. A Pokemon following the trainer may occasionally pick up items off the ground and the Pokemon will become more happy and some Pokemon need to be happy to evolve.
  • Graphics are on par with fourth generation titles (Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum).
  • Lugia and Ho-oh figurines will be given out when you pre-order their respective game. (Lugia for SoulSilver and Ho-oh for HeartGold) In addition if you pre-order both games an Arceus figurine will be given. These figurines have been released outside of Japan.
  • The 16 Gym Leaders of Kanto and Johto are back! Players can hold rematches with the leaders once specific criteria has been met. Rematches will take place in the Fighting Dojo, in Saffron City. The leaders are Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Chuck, Jasmine, Pryce, and Clair. The Kanto gym leaders are Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Erika, Misty, Janine, Brock, Blaine, and Blue.
  • After beating the Elite 4, players will have the opportunity to battle them again, but this time with even tougher Pokemon.
  • Instead of The Battle Tower in Crystal, The Platinum Battle Frontier makes a return appearance, but this time it is in Olivine City.
  • Pokéthlon opens in Johto. Participating in Minigames will get you some nifty prizes this time around: Heart Scales, Metal Coats, Nuggets, Rare Candies, and more! You could take part in skill, speed, stamina, strength, and jumping events in the Pokathlon.
  • The touch-screen can be used to manage the Bag, Pokédex, PC Boxes and the Pokégear.
  • The Radio now serves and even greater purpose -on Wednesdays a Hoenn Channel program plays- listening to the program will cause Pokemon from Hoenn to appear in the wild. The Radio also tells where Swarm Pokemon can be found, as well as where Sinnoh Pokemon have been sighted.
  • New areas, like the Sinoh ruins, have been added, and can be accessible, some with events, and some without events and the safari zone.
  • All the features from Gold and Silver have been included, with even more added.
  • In this game, there is a trainer named Red who is stronger then the Elite 4 you will find him at the end of Mt.Silver
  • Now your girl friend is called Lyra and not Kris for example.

[edit] Pokéwalker

An additional tool has been included in the Heart Gold/Soul Silver game boxes, something that die-hard trainers will definitely want to take advantage of. The device is a pedometer (called the Pokéwalker) that allows players to transfer over one Pokemon from their Heart Gold/Soul Silver game save, as an alternative way to earn experience points (EXP) and raise the Pokemon's happiness. The pokewalker works very easy and simple. You can get all different types of pokemon and items available on it, all depending on the number of steps you take with it.

Learn how it works: Pokéwalker

[edit] Version Exclusives

The following Pokemon are available exclusively for Heart Gold players to capture:

It is highly recommended to catch all these Pokemon if you like to trade.

[edit] Legends available to catch

Legends available to catch are:

Last three you need a Arceus to trigger them and you can pick only 1. However, you can use two different Arceus to trigger the in-game event twice, a TRU/Movie Arceus and a 'Hall of Origin' Arceus.

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