Pokémon League

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In order to get into the Pokemon League you must have all 8 Gym Badges.

The final trainer you have to face in the Pokémon League is the Champion, but you must beat the Elite Four to get there.

In Kanto the Pokémon League is called the Indigo League, but in Johto there are two called the Johto League and the Orange League that's held on the Orange Islands.

In Hoenn and Sinnoh you must get the HM03 Surf to get there, and once you get there you will have to use the HM07 Waterfall (found near the last Gym) to go further.

Finally, to get to the Pokémon League you must go past Victory Road to test your skill of how well you trained your Pokémon. Victory Road is a long, and dangerous way, so you'll have to carry a lot of medicine.

Here are all of the Champions you face in all four Generations:


Generation I

Generation II

Generation III

Generation IV

Generation V

Generation VI

After You beat the Champion you will become part of the Pokemon Hall of Fame, plus new events will start to occur.

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