Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap
Pokémon Snap
Developer HAL Laboratories
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo 64
Release Date(s) NA: July 27 1999
Genre Simulation
Ratings 3+

Pokémon Snap centers around a Pokémon photographer called Todd, sent to Pokémon Island by Prof. Oak to take photos of the Pokémon on the island. Todd is transported in the ZERO-ONE. This game is the first Pokémon game available to the public fully rendered in 3D. This allows you to see your Pokémon in new ways other than a 2D sprite!


[edit] Features

  • 3D Pokémon Environment: This is the first Pokémon to allow players to be in a 3D world.
  • Pokémon in their natural habitats: This game allows players to view Pokémon interacting with each other in ways never before seen. One can even interact with these Pokémon, such as giving them an apple to eat, or throwing a Pesterball to annoy them.
  • Good use of camera: This game shows a great use of a camera. It keeps the good 3D Looks of things within every picture.

[edit] Stages

  • Beach
  • Tunnel
  • Volcano
  • River
  • Cave
  • Valley
  • Rainbow Cloud - MEW

[edit] Pokémon

[edit] In Game

[edit] Pokémon Signs

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