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The Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version is a special demo edition of Pokémon Sun and Moon. It was released worldwide on October 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS systems, ahead of the main games' November 18, 2016 release. It is available to download through both the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo's homepage, and requires 380 MB (3,046 Blocks) to download.



The demo is played as the male protagonist, Sun, who has just moved from the Kanto region. He arrives in the Alola region with a special Greninja who previously belonged to a certain trainer, subsequently sending Sun a letter upon his arrival. After reading the letter, he travels to Hau'oli City with his mother to have their new address registered at the City Hall, where he meets Hau. He decides to show Sun around the city, but they are immediately met by Team Skull thugs. Upon their defeat, the thugs make their escape, and Sun follows Hau to the Pokémon Center.

After healing their Pokémon, Sun and Hau meet Professor Kukui outside the Pokémon Center, where it is decided that Sun would undertake a trial to become stronger, should he encounter Team Skull again. Sun is taken to Ten Carat Hill, reuniting with Professor Kukui in the cave at the end of the path. Kukui tasks him with taking pictures of two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o using the Poké Finder, and lends his Pikachu to aid Sun. After finding the final Hakamo-o, he then engages with it in battle as a Totem Pokémon, calling on a Rockruff as its ally. It is in this battle where Greninja transforms into Ash-Greninja for the first time, enhancing its strength to successfully win the battle. Professor Kukui awards Sun with a Z-Ring and an Electrium Z upon completing the trial. Soon after Hau arrives, who was being chased by the two Team Skull grunts as well as Team Skull's Admin, Plumeria. Sun then battles her using Pikachu's Z-Move, and after the thugs retreat, Pikachu returns to Professor Kukui, who then decides to take the two Trainers to Hau'oli City's local malasada shop.

Subsequent Adventures

After completion of the demo's main story, Professor Kukui will once again congratulate Sun for completing the trial, and awards him with a Ride Pager, allowing him to call on Tauros to break rocks blocking paths. This will allow Sun to travel back to Ten Carat Hill to smash the rocks on the path. One path opens up to a small, grassy field, where a special Pokémon-catching challenge is held. If the player competes in this contest, they will be given 16 Poké Balls, three Heal Balls and one Great Ball, and must use them to catch as many Pokémon as possible. If a Pokémon is caught while the party is full, the player will have the option to add this new Pokémon to the party, while releasing a current party member back into the wild. If the player catches at least three Pokémon, they will be awarded with a Nugget that can be transferred to the full game.

New Trainers will also appear on Ten Carat Hill, one which must be accessed by using the Poké Ride. When the three Trainers on the path are defeated, the player can battle the female Ace Trainer on the beginning of the path. Defeating her will award the player with a Star Piece for transfer.

In Hau'oli City, a woman will appear near the Slowpoke blockade. She will take the player to Mahalo Trail in order to grow closer with their Pokémon. To get to the other end of the path, the player must use the Ride Pager to call on Tauros to smash the rocks scattered along the path. A mysterious old man will give the player three Stardusts once reaching the end, telling them to never seek him out again.

Timed Events

Upon completion of the demo, several NPCs will appear around Hau'oli City and will cause certain events to take place on specific days.

  • One day after beating the demo, a man outside the Pokémon Center awards the player with ten Pretty Wings.
  • Five days after beating the demo, a woman in the bottom-left corner of the city meets with a man who helped her with her sprained ankle. This man turns out to be a Machamp.
  • 12 days after beating the demo, a man in the City Hall celebrates his Pikachu's birthday. If the player helps him celebrate, he will give them a Balm Mushroom.
  • 18 days after beating the demo, a police officer at the Marina handles a shady deal that takes place there. The deal is between two people who are attempting to sell off Slowpoke tails.
  • 24 days after beating the demo, a woman at the ferry terminal will be leaving on a boat, hoping to see the player there on her departure. If the player does see her off, she will give them a Comet Shard.

Special Occurrences

In addition to the timed events, special occurrences will happen on random days. They do not add much to the demo, but do introduce important characters, and a new Pokémon.

  • On Sunday nights, Hau takes the player to the malasada shop before returning to the Pokémon Center.
  • On Fridays, Lillie will be looking out to the sea near the Pokémon Center. The player will overhear her talking to her Pokémon before she notices them. She briefly mentions that Professor Kukui is helping her to take care of her Pokémon before running off.
  • On Tuesdays, the player's mother can be seen exiting out of a shop before returning to the City Hall.
  • On some days, Sina and Dexio, the assistants of Professor Sycamore, will appear in the Pokémon Center, explaining that they are on vacation.
  • On some days, a woman will appear on the beach at Ten Carat Hill, surprised by the appearance of a certain Pokémon. By using the Poké Finder, the player will see an Alolan Dugtrio in the distance.

Transferable Items

The player will be capable of transferring certain acquired items to the full game using the Pokémon Link feature. To transfer these items, the player must speak with Professor Kukui in the Pokémon Center. If a Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon cartridge is inserted in a Nintendo 3DS system that also possesses a downloaded copy, the items will be transferred to the cartridge copy.

Item Location Requirement Games
658 Mini Sprite.png Ash's Greninja At the beginning of the demo Complete the main story by defeating Plumeria Su Mo
StarPiece.png Star Piece Ten Carat Hill Defeat all Trainers Su Mo
Nugget.png Nugget Ten Carat Hill Catch at least three Pokémon in the Pokémon-catching challenge Su Mo
Stardust.png Stardust x3 Mahalo Trail Encounter the old man at the end of the trail Su Mo
PrettyWing.png Pretty Wing x10 Hau'oli City Talk to the man outside the Pokémon Center Su Mo
BalmMushroom.png Balm Mushroom Hau'oli City Talk to the man with the Pikachu in City Hall Su Mo
CometShard.png Comet Shard Hau'oli City Talk to the woman at the ferry terminal Su Mo

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